And It’s Only Tuesday

CNN: In private, Burr quips about gun owners shooting Clinton

USA Today: Burr jokes about gun owners putting a ‘bull’s-eye’ on Clinton

News & Observer: Richard Burr apologizes for joking about ‘bullseye’ on Hillary Clinton 

WRAL: Reports: Sen. Richard Burr jokes about gun owners putting bullseye on Hillary Clinton

NBC: GOP Senator Apologizes For Clinton ‘Bullseye’ Quip

VOX: Leaked audio: Republican senator in key race joked about Hillary Clinton being shot

Washington Post: Sen. Richard Burr apologizes after Clinton ‘bull’s eye’ remark

Huffington Post: GOP Senator Jokes About Shooting Hillary Clinton

Politico: Sen. Burr apologizes for suggesting Clinton should have a ‘bull’s-eye’ on her

CNBC: NC senator reportedly suggests gun owners may have a ‘bullseye’ on Hillary Clinton

TPM: GOP Senator Richard Burr Pledges To Block Clinton’s SCOTUS Noms…Forever

Politics USA: Explosive Audio Surfaces Of GOP Senator Joking About Gun Owners Shooting Clinton

Business Insider: A North Carolina senator takes back comment that a picture of Hillary Clinton should have a bullseye on it

Fusion: GOP senator jokes about shooting Hillary Clinton in leaked audio

Daily Beast: North Carolina GOP Senator Jokes About Shooting Clinton

News and Observer: Richard Burr bans N&O from receiving notices of campaign events

AP: US Sen. Burr bans newspaper from notice of campaign events

CBS NEWS: NC Senator Burr battles with state newspaper week before election

Morning Consult: Burr Campaign Feuds With Local Newspaper

The Huffington Post: GOP’s Richard Burr Blacklists Local Paper In Tough Senate Race

Politico: Media blacklist heads down-ballot

Washington Post: When it comes to blacklisting the media, Sen. Richard Burr trumps The Donald


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