DSCC DELIVERS A “GUT-PUNCH” OF AN AD, ITS FIRST OF THE CYCLE. The DSCC launched its first ad of the 2018 cycle targeting the Republican health plan. The spot, “The Price,” debuted on The Rachel Maddow Show this week and highlights the stark and crippling burden the Republican plan would put on middle class families forced to pay more as insurance costs skyrocket, while insurance companies get a tax break. The ad is part of our campaign against the GOP bill and includes, our grassroots hub where voters can join the fight and learn more about the devastating health plan.

UnknownHere’s how the ad played:

McClatchy DC Bureau: Eyes on 2018, Democrats salivate over GOP health plan
Already, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – the political arm of Senate Democrats, charged with protecting 10 red-state incumbents during next year’s elections, including Sens. Claire McCaskill in Missouri and Bill Nelson in Florida – released an ad Tuesday calling the GOP bill a deal-breaker for middle-class families.

The Hill: New anti-repeal ad: ‘What will the Republican health care bill cost you?’
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has launched a new ad targeting the GOP ObamaCare replacement plan.
The 30-second ad, titled “The Price,” looks to highlight the increased costs middle-class families could pay for healthcare under the Republican proposal.

Politico Pro FL: Democratic ad, website slams GOP health care plan, targets Florida voters in 2018 Senate race
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee unveiled a new TV and digital ad campaign on Tuesday that blasts the proposed Republican health care plan to mostly replace the Affordable Care Act, and launched a new website attacking the plan as “WealthCare” because the bill includes tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

In the 30-second spot, a couple is seen selling their car and pawning a wedding ring to pay for health care costs for a daughter in the hospital. The narrator then asks: “What will the Republican health care bill cost you?”

Colorado Pols: “The Price”–Powerful New DSCC Ad Gut-Punches Trumpcare
Without a word of spoken dialogue, this is one of the most compelling ads against repeal of the Affordable Care Act we’ve seen in all the years the law has been on the books. Much like the resurgence of popularity for “Obamacare” as it faces repeal under President Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress, it’s possible that the country just wasn’t ready to handle this gut-punch of a message until the worst actually became likely.

Twitchy:  New DSCC ad shows mother selling her engagement ring to pay for daughter’s medical bills
Politics ain’t beanbag and this new anti-AHCA ad is sure to cause a stir today.

Daily Kos:  DSCC puts swing state Republicans on notice with hard-hitting Trumpcare ad
Trumpcare’s prospects in the Senate likely just got worse.

Florida Politics: Democratic Senators: GOP ‘wealthcare’ will hit Floridians in pocketbooks
The themes of the ad campaign follow up on a memo pushed out by the DSCC last month.
“During the 2018 cycle there will be no rock that Republican Senate candidates can hide under to escape the GOP’s dangerous attack on American families,” the memo reads. 

THE HOUSE VOTES ON GOP HEALTH CARE BILL. After a week of wondering whether Republicans had enough votes within their caucus to pass their disastrous health care bill… we still don’t have an answer. A new CBO score released late last night shows that with the GOP’s last minute changes to the bill, 24 million Americans would still be uninsured, but the deficit reductions are less than half of what was estimated under their original plan. Sad! It’s been a rollercoaster of a week, with uncertainty as to when the vote would take place (if at all) and, at the last hour, Republicans bartered away American’s Essential Health Benefits in order to appease conservatives. Regardless of whether this bill passes or fails, Republicans own this plan and they’ll have to answer for it come election time.

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SENATOR CORTEZ MASTO TO CHAIR WOMEN SENATE NETWORK. Senator Catherine Cortez Mastro will chair the DSCC’s Women’s Senate Network – an initiative to elect more women to public office and bolster engagement across the country as we help reelect 10 women to the Senate in 2018. Just yesterday, the Republicans showcased how important it is that we elect more women to office. Meanwhile, at a White House meeting of the House Freedom Caucus, members debated eliminating essential health care benefits from their bill, including maternity and newborn care services:

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.08.16 AM 

Notice anyone missing?

“FLAKE WASN’T FUNNY, BUT HE WAS A JOKE.” As the Arizona Republic points out, “he could have chosen to simply do his job” but instead, Jeff Flake used his time to question Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch about whether he’d rather “fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck.” Seriously. Rather than talking about ducks and horses, he should explain why he’s endorsed the draconian Medicaid cuts in the GOP healthcare plan that would hurt the more than 470,000 Arizonans currently benefiting from the state’s bipartisan Medicaid expansion. It’s no wonder Flake has ducked this issue – Arizonans know it’s a bad bill and they don’t support it:
NPR: Repeal of Health Law Could Force Tough Decisions For Arizona Republicans
KPNX 12: Arizonans oppose GOP’s Obamacare replacement, poll shows
New York Times: No Magic in How G.O.P. Plan Lowers Premiums: It Pushes Out Older People
AP: For many older Americans, costs rise under GOP health plan

FBI CONFIRMS INVESTIGATION OF TRUMP CAMPAIGN & RUSSIA. During a House Intelligence Committee meeting, FBI Director James Comey confirmed the FBI is investigating ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. It is now absolutely necessary that every member of Congress allow this investigation to move forward without obstruction by supporting an independent investigation. Too many questions remain unanswered for this to become a partisan issue.

CT – New Haven Register: Murphy serves up pancakes and frank talk at gathering in Cheshire
IN – Star Press: Donnelly town hall draws supportive crowd
MI – Senator Stabenow announces bipartisan legislation to support U.S. manufacturers, create more jobs
MO – MissouriNet: McCaskill: many Missourians can’t afford GOP’s health care plan
MT – KRTV: Tester talks public lands, health care, budget during town hall in Helena
ND – Bismarck Tribune: Heitkamp opposes Trump call to end rural air subsidies
OH – Portsmouth-Daily Times: Brown calls for veterans care extension
WI – College Magazine: Powerful Women Leaders: Senator Tammy Baldwin
WV – Wheeling Intelligencer: U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin Meets With the People in Martinsburg


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