HEALTH CARE RECORDS HAUNT GOP. Republican Senators and their candidates are finding themselves on the wrong side of healthcare as polls show popularity for protections for pre-existing conditions coverage soaring with just eight weeks until the general:

Morning Consult/Politico: 81 percent of voters, including 80 percent of Republicans, say insurers should be barred from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, which was a provision in ObamaCare.

Kaiser Family Foundation: A 75 percent majority of Americans say it is “very important” to guarantee coverage for people with pre-existing conditions; 52 percent of the public are “very worried” that they or someone in their family will have to pay more for health insurance because of the lawsuit; and 41 percent are “very worried” they will lose their coverage if the Supreme Court overturns these protections.

And consumer trends show that Republican health sabotage is hurting real people…

The Washington Post Health 202 reports that the uninsured rate went up “by about 400,000 people, [which] marks the first time since the ACA’s implementation that the uninsured rate didn’t drop.” This indicates that Republican efforts to sabotage our healthcare system to benefit their donors are working.

HEALTHCARE DOMINATES AIRWAVES. As Republicans continue to try to hide their record of undermining pre-existing conditions coverage, our candidates are holding them accountable on the air:

West Virginia: Joe Manchin took aim at Patrick Morrisey’s efforts to repeal pre-existing conditions protections by literally shooting the repeal lawsuit to pieces in his new ad.

Missouri: Claire McCaskill released an ad yesterday about her personal fight against breast cancer, a pre-existing condition for which Hawley signed to remove coverage and continues to highlight the stories of some of the 2.5 million Missourians living with pre-existing conditions.

Arizona: the ADP “is launching a new ad against Rep. Martha McSally […] saying she backtracked on a pledge to protect people with pre-existing conditions by voting for the House’s repeal and replace bill last year.”

Health care is also turning up on air in Arizona, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Read more:

CNN: “in ad after ad, [Democrats] are all about health care

Vox: “The political power of preexisting conditions, explained.”

NBC: “Democrats are no longer playing defense on the Affordable Care Act.”

New York Times’ Paul Krugman: “Democrats Are Credible on Health Care.”

KANSAS CITY STAR: HAWLEY UNDER FIRE ON PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS.  Josh Hawley’s dangerous lawsuit to strip protections for nearly 2.5 million Missourians with a pre-existing condition has not only been proven true but is coming back to hurt him. The Kansas City Star reports that Hawley is facing “a barrage of attacks” one week after his lawsuit appeared before a federal judge. This comes on the heels of a report that More Missourians are calling on Josh Hawley to drop the lawsuit.

HEADLINE: ACTIVISTS SLAM RICK SCOTT FOR PREEXISTING CONDITIONS LAWSUIT. Self-serving Rick Scott still refuses to stand up for Floridians with pre-existing conditions and WMNF reports that “healthcare advocates and residents with preexisting conditions criticized U.S. Senate candidate and Governor Rick Scott for not calling a halt to Florida’s involvement in the lawsuit.” Watch the clip:

MITCH MCCONNELL’S NIGHTMARE.  All of Republicans’ worst fears about the midterms are now playing out with just over eight weeks left until the general. Their failures to recruit top candidates and capitalize on a favorable map have left them considerably weak heading in to the general and they know it:

OHIO: “A number of Republicans say Renacci’s chances are bleak” and “Given the polling (in) the state, it’s hard to make a case for national Republican money to be spent in Ohio.”

WEST VIRGINIA: “[Morrisey’s] New Jersey roots and stint as a Washington lobbyist, although not a hindrance in two campaigns for attorney general, aren’t playing well versus Manchin.”

TEXAS: “I think he sort of took it for granted,” one moderate Republican lawmaker, State Representative Lyle Larson of San Antonio, said of Mr. Cruz. “He’s got a dogfight on his hands. I can tell you there’s Beto signs all over my district and there are Beto signs all over deep-red parts of Texas that are unexplainable.”

Chuck Todd sums it up best here “I’ve talked to plenty of Republicans who wished they had a better candidate in Missouri. Talked to plenty of Republicans that thought Braun would be a better candidate than he was in Indiana. West Virginia, you’ve heard grumblings. And then I bring up Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, where they have not found the candidate to put it in play.”

Speaking of weak Republican candidates…

ROSENDALE’S “POTENTIALLY ILLEGAL COORDINATION” WITH NRA MAKES FRONT PAGES. front pages across Montana highlighted The Daily Beast’s revelation that the NRA’s “chief lobbyist apparently gave the race’s Republican challenger a heads-up…that the group would spend heavily to support his bid to unseat Sen. Jon Tester.”

He’s not the only Republican Senate candidate with shady campaign finance dealings…

(ANOTHER) BARRAGE OF BAD STORIES ABOUT RICK SCOTT. There’s a reason we keep count of the bad headlines Self-Serving Scott has earned.

The week began with news Scott skipped his own event to dodge Floridians angry about his toxic algae crisis.

Then he had to “disagree” with President Trump’s disgraceful comment about the tragedy in Puerto Rico.

Today, it was revealed that Scott has yet another investment entangled in state projects as Maplight reports:

“Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his wife have invested at least $18 million in three financial firms managing money for the state’s pension system that Scott oversees — a situation that intertwines the governor’s personal finances with his responsibility for supervising state employees’ retirement savings.”

This follows a Politico report outlining that Scott’s not so blind trust poured tens of millions of dollars into the same companies his wife invests in:

“It’s clear from reviewing the holdings that actions Scott has taken during his nearly eight years as governor have affected companies in which Ann Scott holds an interest — which he could review as governor — and those held in the blind trust, in which a number of investments mirror those held by his wife.”

This is just the latest example of Scott’s self-serving politics and shady financial dealings.

See also: Tampa Bay Times: Federal complaint alleges Rick Scott illegally benefited from anti-Bill Nelson Super PAC ads; Tampa Bay Times: Rick and Ann Scott’s financial trail leads to Cayman Islands tax haven; Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s involvement with super PAC shows blurred lines; AP:Florida Gov. invested in company linked to high speed rail; TC Palm: Report: Gov. Scott, wife invest heavily in parent firm of Brightline, All Aboard Florida; Tampa Bay Times: Ruth: The governor’s conversion from rail opponent to supporter; AP: Gov. Scott Killed High-Speed Rail Project, Later Invested In All Aboard Florida; USA Today Network: Troubled SunPass vendor linked to Gov. Rick Scott; Politico:Scott’s wife gave loan to accountant at firm housing Scott’s blind trust; U.S. News & World: US Sen. Nelson Rails at Gov. Scott Over His Finances; FOX35: Scott’s family makes loan to “blind trust” accountant; WCTV: Loan given by Ann Scott raises questions about governor’s blind trust; Politico: Nelson, Scott spar over Ann Scott’s loan to blind trust accountant; WTSP: Scott invested in companies he impacts as governor; Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott told Florida not to invest in companies linked to Venezuela, but he did; Capitol News Service: Case seeking to open Governor’s blind trust continues; Miami Herald: Has Gov. Scott disclosed all his personal finances or not? Court could decide; Miami Herald: In disclosure Q and A, Scott campaign provides its own questions, then avoids some answers; Miami Herald: Rick Scott and family made $550M in one transaction. How ‘blind’ is his blind trust?; Florida Bulldog: Rick Scott paid $200,000 in tax incentives to company in which he had financial interest; Tampa Bay Times: Rick and Ann Scott had stake in shipping giant linked to Putin; GateHouse Media: Gov. Rick Scott profits from Hep C drug tied to state prisons, opioid crisis; Florida Politics: Rick Scott’s blind trust connected to controversial Chinese company ZTE; Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Rick Scott’s net worth soars 56 percent to $232 million, report shows; Tampa Bay Times, Ruth: Is Rick Scott’s blind trust that blind?; News Service of Florida: Rick Scott fights lawsuit demanding he disclose financial assets; Esquire: How ‘Blind’ Is Governor Rick Scott’s Blind Trust, Really?; Florida Bulldog: What did Gov. Rick Scott do with mysterious $120 million in cash?

BLACKBURN HASN’T VOTED SINCE JULY 25TH. The Tennessean reported that Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has “missed 57 of 80 House votes” since July 1 and “according to Blackburn’s voting record, she has missed 105 of 393 votes this year.” Even more troubling, Blackburn has been campaigning on bills that she wasn’t even present to vote for but expects Tennesseans to trust her to do her job in the Senate.

DONNELLY’S COALITION OF SUPPORT GROWS. This week, Joe Donnelly earned key endorsements from law enforcement and veterans groups. Here’s what they said:

Statehouse File: “(Donnelly) has proven himself since 2013 to be a supporter of law enforcement and their families. He has proven himself to be a supporter of all the citizens in the state of Indiana,” said Bill Owensby, FOP president.”

Journal Gazette: “Throughout Joe’s time in the House and Senate, no priority has been higher to him than our veterans, making sure they get the care and recognition they deserve for their sacrifices to our great country,” James Garigen, founder of Invisible Vets, an advocacy group for homeless veterans.”


  • MARTHA MCSHIFTY GETS A “MOSTLY FALSE.”  POLITIFACT dinged McSally with a “Mostly False” rating for her false attack ad claiming that Kyrsten Sinema was “denigrating” military service.
  • MCCASKILL’S RIGHT: HAWLEY’S LAWSUIT WOULD END KEY PROTECTIONS. Politifact determined that Josh Hawley’s lawsuit would end protections for pre-existing conditions saying “McCaskill’s claims about the lawsuit have a ring of truth — Hawley’s lawsuit would repeal the entire health care act and hence all of its consumer protections, including those for the doughnut hole.”
  • MCCONNELL DARK MONEY GROUP EARN A “MOSTLY FALSE” FOR ATTACKS ON DONNELLY. One Nation earned a “mostly false” rating from Politifact for a misleading ad claiming that Donnelly “flip-flopped on the issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants.”
  • SCOTT AND THE RISK TO PRE-EXISTING CONDITION PROTECTIONS. Politifact determined that while “Scott says he’s in favor of preserving pre-existing condition protections, but he’s a longtime supporter of repealing the law that enshrines them, which means he’s pursuing a policy that endangers those protections.”


IN – Joe Donnelly released his ninth tv ad, “Jacob” featuring Barb and Jeff Sexton, whose son is the namesake for Joe’s Jacob Sexton Military Suicide Prevention Act.

ND – In “Blame,” Heidi Heitkamp takes Kevin Cramer to task for refusing to stand up for North Dakotans against the ongoing trade war.

MT — “Spent Grain” highlights Jon Tester’s record of standing up for Montanans and “I’m a Rancher,” reveals the truth behind Maryland Matt Rosendale’s rancher claims

FL – Bill Nelson released a Spanish language ad, “Amigo,” which criticizes Rick Scott’s close relations with Donald Trump and “Know,” which highlights Scott’s shady record on the environmental rollbacks and Medicaid fraud.

MO – Claire McCaskill makes pre-existing conditions personal as she discusses her battle with breast cancer in her ad, “Two Years Ago.”

MN- Tina Smith reflects on her work to promote Minnesota’s farming industry in her new ad, “Our Future.”

NV – Jacky Rosen’s new ad, “Day One,” tracks Dean Heller’s spineless record on veterans and false attacks on Rosen.
NM – Martin Heinrich highlights his record on lowering prescription drug costs and expanding Social Security in his ad, “Care.

OH – Sherrod Brown fights for specialized care for babies born with opioid addictions in his new ad, “Voice.”

PA- The ad “Twenty-three” outlines Bob Casey’s legislative efforts to hold college campuses accountable for the sexual assault epidemic.

TN – Phil Bredesen talks Tennessee issues with constituents over Brown Bag lunches in his new ad, “Brown Bag” and “Believes,” outlines how Marsha Blackburn’s decision to dodge the debate in Memphis speaks to a bigger problem that she’s ignoring the state.

WI – Tammy Baldwin’s ad “Oral Chemo” hits Leah Vukmir for siding with insurance companies and voting against an oral chemotherapy bill in the state Senate.


WI-WORTFM: Baldwin Bill Aims To Restrict Sales Of Drugs By Mail

WV-Williamson Daily News: Eliminating coverage puts many in West Virginia at risk

FL – TC Palm: Sen. Bill Nelson in Port St. Lucie to talk blue-green algae’s effect on local businesses

MS – Y’all Politics: Black Economic Alliance endorses Mike Espy and others to strengthen economy

MN – KEYC: Tina Smith and Dan Feehan Talk Tuition Costs With College Students

MO-Kirksville Daily Express: McCaskill calls on young voters to get involved during visit to Kirksville

MT – Missoula Current: Senate expected to pass Tester bill, bring transparency to Senate campaigns

NV-Las Vegas Review-Journal: Rosen introduces bill to promote cybersecurity workforce

ND – The Fence Post: Heitkamp urges more trade aid as Trump appears at Cramer fundraiser

OH – Columbus Dispatch: Sherrod Brown ad highlights work to help addicted infants

PA – Kittanning Paper: (VIDEO) Senator Bob Casey Visits Armstrong County



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