This week voters learned how Republicans are taking unprecedented actions to make healthcare more expensive for working families, allow big cable companies to buy your online search history, and continue to jeopardize women’s healthcare.

Experts across the country highlighted how the Republican bill will let big cable companies “sell your personal information to the highest bidder without your permission — and no one will be able to protect you,” but apparently Republican Senators and potential GOP candidates are browsing incognito: Sen. Flake said the bill was “a good thing,” Sen. Heller praised the proposal and Congressman Cramer claimed the bill “Will Ultimately Enhance Your Privacy” – LOL.   

Politico: Democrats want to make GOP pay for attacking internet rules “The DSCC says it’s running Google search ads against Flake and Heller on the issue, and state Democratic parties in Indiana, Nevada, North Dakota and Michigan are hammering Republicans there over the vote. They’re getting reinforcements from outside organizations like the tech activist group Fight For The Future, which says it will put up billboards in Washington and key districts around the country to call the GOP’s action a ‘betrayal’ of voters.” […] ‘Voters across party lines understand the importance of personal privacy and are not going to be happy as they find out that Republican senators and Senate candidates used a party-line vote to put data including health and financial information for sale to the highest bidder,’ said Ben Ray, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.”

Arizona Republic: A good thing’: Sen. Jeff Flake defends blocking internet privacy rule.
Phoenix New Times: Flake’s Bill Allowing Internet Companies to Sell Your Private Data Passes Congress.
Frontier Foundation: Republicans in Congress Are Disregarding Their Own Privacy Policies.
New York Times Editorial: Republicans Attack Internet Privacy.
Washington Post: The House just voted to wipe away the FCC’s landmark Internet privacy protections.
Texas Tribune: Congress passes bill rolling back internet privacy rules.
Tampa Bay Times: Ruth: Congress strips away your online privacy.
Daily Kos: Republicans voted to destroy online privacy, but can they defend it to voters?

It’s no coincidence that the members who voted for this bill received significant donations from the telecommunications industry: 

AZ – Flake – $75,450
NV – Heller – $151,500
IN – Messer – $31,800
IN – Rokita – $26,000
ND – Cramer – $59,000

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Here’s some news you can use (and eat and drink) **

It’s baaaaack. The Republican health care plan that forces older Americans to pay as much as five times more for their care and threatens opioid and mental health treatments while giving taxpayer funded handouts to big insurance companies is back on the table. Speaker Ryan announced that the next phase of their healthcare “strategy” would be unveiled at a major donor retreat in Florida – because there’s no better place to discuss taking away health care from millions than at a donor retreat.

As Inside Elections’ Nathan Gonzales discussed on CSPAN’s Washington Journal, Republican candidates are now “in a box” on healthcare — risking both depressing their own base and alienating independent voters. In Gonzales’ words these dynamics “can equal big midterm losses” for the GOP.


See also: National Journal: Senator McConnell’s healthcare promises have “now gone up in flames.”

And in case you missed it, the DSCC got a sneak peek at the GOP’s healthcare donor meeting itinerary, “A Weekend with the People Bringing You Tax Breaks Disguised As Health Care,” enjoy.  

This week congressional Republicans voted on another hyper-political, dangerous measure to withhold funds to Planned Parenthood, jeopardizing access to lifesaving healthcare services for women and families. Last week, without any women present, Republican lawmakers discussed changes to women’s healthcare and this week they passed legislation making it harder for women to access that care. Make no mistake about it: a woman’s ability to get lifesaving care will be on the ballot in 2018.

Nevada Assembly Speaker Frierson Statement: “Senator Heller had the opportunity to lead in protecting Nevada’s hardworking women and men—and he failed. Senator Heller’s complete disregard for the needs of Nevada is increasingly disappointing,”  said Nevada Assembly Speaker Frierson. “Planned Parenthood provides thousands of Nevada women and men with access to affordable, quality, and life-saving healthcare. His vote to repeal funding from the Title X program will have drastic effects on our state and the hardworking people who call our state ‘home.’ That’s why I’m proud to have submitted legislation that will help protect access to life-saving healthcare despite Senator Heller’s decision to abandon so many Nevada families.” 

State Senator Ratti Statement On Heller’s Deciding Vote to Slash Planned Parenthood Funding: ““I am extremely disappointed that Senator Heller cast the deciding vote that puts access to family planning services for millions of women at risk. Here in Nevada, Title X provides family planning funding in all corners of the state, from Las Vegas, to Reno, to our rural communities. Investments in family planning and affordable birth control lead to better health outcomes for women, fewer unintended pregnancies, and save taxpayers money. We should be ensuring that more funds go to groups, like Planned Parenthood, that provide such services, not less.”

Nevada Democratic Party Statement: “This partisan ploy to shutter Planned Parenthood clinics and cause low-income women to lose access to birth control and cancer screenings is only possible because of Dean Heller’s vote. Heller’s decision to join Republicans in turning family planning funding into a political football is an affront to Nevadans who are sick and tired of Washington politicians getting involved in women’s access to health care. Senator Heller’s consistent support for attacking women’s health and defunding Planned Parenthood is out of sync with Nevada’s values, and it’s one of many reasons he will be voted out in 2018.” 

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Statement: “This is yet another hyper political, very dangerous policy pursued at the expense of finding common ground that will actually help working Americans. If Republicans could end their fixation on making it hard for women and families to access health care, we could move on to boosting businesses that create good paying jobs, making education more affordable and ensuring that the middle class can get quality healthcare. This is the third time in recent weeks that the Republicans have been forced to summon Vice President Pence to cast a tie-breaking vote, which is just another indication that the GOP’s unpopular and self-interested politics are out-of-step with the American people. Make no mistake about it: a woman’s ability to get lifesaving care, birth control and make her own healthcare decisions will be on the ballot in 2018, and we will hold Republicans accountable for their reckless overreach.”

AZ – Arizona Republic: Montini: 293 reasons Flake is full of hooey.
NV – KKFT: Conservative Radio Host Continues Slamming Heller.
MT – KPAX: Sen. Tester honored for support of National Guard
IN – Fox 59: Wednesday marks first-ever National Vietnam War Veterans Day thanks to bill by Indiana Sen. Donnelly.
NY – North Country Public Radio:  Gillibrand speaks out in defense of the arts, public media
OH – WFMJ: Sen. Brown introduces legislation to decrease prescription prices
WI – The Hill: Dem senator to reintroduce ‘buy American’ legislation
WI – Urban Milwaukee: U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Stands Up for Wisconsin Farmers, Calls on President Trump to Work With Agriculture Industry 



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