SENATE GOP HEALTH CARE BILL WORSE THAN HOUSE. We know why they kept it secret: the Republican Senate plan is even worse that the House version, driving up costs for Americans, making deeper cuts to Medicaid, and giving a massive tax cut for the rich and insurance companies. The headlines say it all:

NBC News: Premiums Could Spike for Middle Class Under Senate Health Bill
McClatchy: Senate health bill could leave millions uninsured, increase costs for sick, seniors
USA Today: GOP health bill is a disaster for opioid crisis
Forbes: Proposed Federal Medicaid Caps Will Hurt Seniors. Here’s Why
Miami Herald: Medicaid spending caps in GOP health plan could be costly for Florida, experts say
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Over 310,000 Hoosiers could lose insurance
Flathead Beacon: A ‘Mean’ Approach to Health Care Cutting Medicaid in the Obamacare repeal could undermine opioid epidemic fight 

AP: GOP Medicaid cuts would hit states fighting opioid epidemic. Republicans campaigned on fighting the opioid epidemic and now they want to pull the rug out from under the communities fighting it every single day. Medicaid expansion accounts for 47 percent of substance abuse treatment in West Virginia and 56 percent in Michigan through Medicaid. In Ohio, Medicaid expansion accounted for 43 percent of all Medicaid spending on behavioral health, which includes substance abuse treatment.  

VOTERS HATE IT: A whopping 49 percent of voters disapprove of the bill, according to a new poll from Politico/Morning Consult, and 48 percent call it a bad idea in the NBC/WSJ poll.

DSCC RELAUNCHES “THE PRICE.” The DSCC launched full-screen Google takeover ads against Senators Heller, Flake, Cruz, and Florida Governor Scott for their support of the Republican health care plan. The ads will reach targeted voters who comprise key elements of the 2018 midterm electorate, including older, women, and swing voters as part of an ongoing six-figure digital ad buy.

WATCH the Heller spot:

And check out what they’re saying about the DSCC’s advertising “blitz,” as first reported by the Washington Post. 

**A quick reminder that Trump and Congressional Republicans are actively sabotaging Americans’ health care by sowing uncertainty in the markets. Insurers in Indiana and Wisconsin pointed to Republicans and the “continual changes and uncertainty in federal operations” in explaining why they’re leaving the marketplace. **

MORE GOP PRIMARY PROBLEMS. Another week, another round of Republican primary problems.

PENNSYLVANIA – From the National Journal: “More than a half-dozen Republicans have signed up to run for Senate in Pennsylvania… The question is whether either will risk a GOP-leaning House seat for a statewide bid in the first election cycle under Trump… ‘I just don’t see the current field as having a strong enough contender who could challenge a two-term incumbent with the name ID that Bob Casey has.’ [Said GOP strategist Vincent Galko]: ‘Beating a Casey in Pennsylvania is not an easy thing.’”

MICHIGAN – Lena Epstein has issued a challenge” to retired Michigan Supreme Court Justice Robert Young “before he’s even officially entered the race… to clarify where he stands” on sanctuary cities and Trump’s border wall. 

WEST VIRGINIA – The “sparring” between Congressman Jenkins and AG Morrisey has reached a new level, with Jenkins “urging potential opponent Patrick Morrisey to stop his primary run before it has a chance to start” and Morrisey trashing Jenkins on local TV.

INDIANA – The AP’s ongoing look at Congressman Luke Messer’s wife and her $240,000 gig as a legal consultant for an Indiana town is getting a lot of attention – especially from the staff of fellow Congressman, and potential primary opponent, Todd Rokita:

OHIO’S MANDEL “INFUSED WITH POLITICS.” Financial disclosure forms examined by the Associated Press found that all of Josh Mandel’s 2016 travel were “in some part related to politics, including his campaign bid for U.S. Senate.” A spokeswoman for the Center for Responsive Politics questioned whether he’s “been doing the public service he’s being paid to do, [given] that his travel is heavily weighted toward his campaign activities.” And that’s not all. A new report found that the self-promoting taxpayer-funded TV ads that Mandel claimed were created to promote a government program “went against [the] focus of [the] marketing plan” laid out by state officials. Typical Mandel.

“ALL ARIZONA EYES” ON FLAKE. Flake is already on the record endorsing draconian cuts to Medicaid and now the Arizona Republic reports Arizonans are eagerly watching to see if he’ll stand for “tax cuts for the affluent financed by deep cuts to the poor.”

DSCC OUTRAISES NRSC. The DSCC raised $5.1 million in May, outraising the NRSC by $2.1 million.

SELF-SERVING SCOTT. Florida Governor Rick Scott has taken Florida to the bottom of the nation in wages and household income, thanks to his self-serving agenda. He’d rather advance his own political interests than invest in middle-class priorities or help grow good paying jobs.

Orlando Sentinel: Rick Scott, staff are delusional about Florida’s low-paying jobs.
“Rick Scott wants you to think he’s created a stellar economy. And employers who pay poverty-level wages don’t want to talk about that. But I’m not trying to spin. I just want to give you the honest numbers about wages. And the numbers show that Orlando wages stink.”

Palm Beach Post: Editorial: Scott’s double-whammy against public education in Florida.
“With one stroke of his pen last week, Gov. Rick Scott set back progress for Florida’s public universities. And with another stroke, he did astounding damage to the state’s K-12 public schools. Nice work, Governor.”

FL – Naples Daily News: U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson decries Republicans’ secrecy in writing health care bill
IN – WIBC: Senator Joe Donnelly Accuses White House Of Causing Healthcare “Chaos”
MO – Hannibal Courier-Post: Trump signs McCaskill’s bipartisan bill
MORE MO – Farmington Press: Veterans care goal of McCaskill effort
MT-Billings Gazette: Sen. Jon Tester blasts GOP for secretly drafting health care bill, saying it hurts Montanans
OH – WTVG: Sen. Brown says Trump cuts are “betrayal” of Great Lakes states
WV – Charleston Gazette-Mail: Manchin: AHCA will worsen opioid epidemic in WV
MORE WV – WDTV: Manchin gets commitment to fix broadband coverage gaps in West Virginia


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