HEALTH CARE, ON AIR. Democrats are laser focused on health care this midterm election season and everything you need to know about that focus is on the air as the campaign home stretch begins. CNN reports that across the board, “in ads and messaging, Democrats are reminding voters where GOP candidates stood.” Here are some examples:

WEST VIRGINIA: Joe Manchin “hoists his shotgun and takes aim at a paper copy of the lawsuit” his opponent, Patrick Morrisey is pushing to eliminate pre-existing conditions. Watch, “Dead Wrong

NORTH DAKOTA:  Heidi Heitkamp is using the stories of North Dakotans with pre-existing conditions to hold Congressman Kevin Cramer accountable for voting “to let insurance companies go back to denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.” Watch “Denise.

Health care is also turning up on air in Arizona, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

ANOTHER POLL FINDS WIDESPREAD, BIPARTISAN SUPPORT FOR PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS.  A new survey from Morning Consult and Politico confirms the widespread, bipartisan support for protections of pre-existing conditions coverage:

83 percent of Democrats and 80 percent of Republicans say that insurance companies should not be able to deny coverage for people who have pre-existing conditions — which every single GOP Senate candidate has supported in one way or another.

A slightly lower share of voters, 71% said it should be illegal for insurers to charge more for people with pre-existing conditions.

MISSOURIANS (STILL) WANT HAWLEY OUT OF THE LAWSUIT. More Missourians are calling on Josh Hawley to remove the state from his dangerous lawsuit to gut pre-existing conditions coverage for 2.5 million in the state.

DON’T FORGET: The scathing editorial the St Louis Post-Dispatch released urging him to drop the lawsuit.

MEANWHILE:  Watch Claire McCaskill’s newest “30 for 30” video featuring Kristen Carranza, one of 2.5 million Missourians living with a pre-existing condition who Josh Hawley’s lawsuit would strip care from. 

GOP FEARS MIDTERM “SHIPWRECK” AS “CANDIDATES ARE SLOW TO GAIN TRACTION.The Washington Post reports that GOP panic is spreading: “‘Shipwreck’ was how one leading strategist described the situation, adding an expletive to underscore the severity of the party’s problems…The developments signaled the most serious peril yet for Republicans’ 51-49 majority.”

Exhibit A: “[Morrisey’s] New Jersey roots and stint as a Washington lobbyist, although not a hindrance in two campaigns for attorney general, aren’t playing well versus Manchin.”

HEADLINE: Top Republicans lower expectations in West Virginia as Joe Manchin proves formidable

Exhibit B: “I think he sort of took it for granted,” one moderate Republican lawmaker, State Representative Lyle Larson of San Antonio, said of Mr. Cruz. “He’s got a dogfight on his hands. I can tell you there’s Beto signs all over my district and there are Beto signs all over deep-red parts of Texas that are unexplainable.”

HEADLINE: In Texas, Ted Cruz Has ‘a Dogfight on His Hands,’ Some Republicans Admit

CRAMER DODGES FARM DEBATE FOR FUNDRAISER.” Kevin Cramer proved just how out of touch with North Dakotans he is this week when he skipped a farm debate and chance to speak directly to North Dakotans for a swanky Texas fundraiser. NDXPlains wrote of Cramer’s snub of the “the largest farm show in the upper-Midwest” that “as someone who boasts about accessibility and eagerness to answer tough questions, Cramer sure seems to be dodging opportunities to challenge his opponent head-to-head. What is he afraid of?”

SELF-SERVING SCOTT’S ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS RAGES ON. Self-Serving Scott is being held accountable for his role in the ongoing environmental crises sweeping Florida beaches. As the crises gain attention, HuffPost reports that voters are blaming Scott for his climate change denial and his rollback of environmental protections could cost him at the polls in November.

DEMOCRATIC SURGE IN ARIZONA PRIMARY. The Arizona Republic highlighted the surge of Democratic voter turnout in the Arizona Primary which shattered “the state’s previous record for turnout in an August primary election.”

MONTINI: MCSALLY GOES “MCSULLY,” GETS CAUGHT LYING ABOUT SINEMA. Congresswoman Martha McSally earned a series of bad press this week for her “mostly false” ad attacking Kyrsten Sinema. Now EJ Montini writes for the Arizona Republic, “instead of running a campaign based on her record – which might not be too appealing given her willingness to vote for bills that would slash health care, raise premiums for seniors and abolish protections for pre-existing conditions – McSally decided to go McSully on Sinema, trying to denigrate Sinema’s reputation rather than tout her own.”


OH – Sherrod Brown fights for specialized care for voiceless babies born with opioid addictions in his new ad, “Voice.”


WV-Williamson Daily News: Eliminating coverage puts many in West Virginia at risk

FL – TC Palm: Sen. Bill Nelson in Port St. Lucie to talk blue-green algae’s effect on local businesses

MI-WOOD TV: Stabenow talks ‘buying American’ during stop in GR

MO – Missourian: McCaskill visits campus, answers questions from students

MT – Missoula Current: Senate expected to pass Tester bill, bring transparency to Senate campaigns

TN – WDEF: Phil Bredesen Lays Out Proposal for Balanced Budget

WI – WSAW: Sen. Tammy Baldwin hosts roundtable discussion with Wisconsin hunters

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