BAD NEWS FOR THE GOP.Oral arguments continue today on the GOP’s lawsuit to make protections for pre-existing conditions coverage unconstitutional, and reports from the first day of arguments show: not only is the threat to Americans’ health care “serious” but the issue is “bad news for the GOP.” More:

Axios bottom line: “If you’re a Republican trying to dodge attacks that say you would let insurers once again deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, a pre-midterms ruling doing exactly that, in a lawsuit backed by the Trump administration, is not your ideal outcome.”

The Los Angeles Times: “the consumer protections are among the most popular parts of the healthcare law, with three-quarters of Americans in one recent nationwide poll saying they believe it is very important to preserve the guarantee that people who are sick can get coverage.”

MCSALLY ON GUTTING PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS COVERAGE: “WE GOTTA GET THIS DONE.” Congresswoman Martha McSally touted to Fox News that if elected to the Senate she would vote again to repeal affordable health care, sending premiums skyrocketing and jeopardizing coverage for 2.8 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions. McSally has proven once again that she won’t stand up for Arizonans against the GOP’s lawsuit to eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions and that if given the chance, she’ll do everything in her power to sabotage affordable health care. Yesterday, we outlined McSally’s refusal to oppose the GOP lawsuit.  Read today’s statement here and watch the clip below on her latest affirmation on gutting health care:

HELLER TRIES TO DISTRACT FROM  TOXIC HEALTH CARE RECORD, FAILS. Spineless Senator Heller tried to deflect when held accountable for his role in the GOP’s ongoing health care sabotage by Jacky Rosen, but the Hill reports that his record tells all. Heller released a new ad claiming that he’s “fighting to protect pre-existing conditions” but he wrote and voted for the bill that would strip Nevadans of their pre-existing conditions coverage and cosponsored the GOP bill that only “gives illusion of protecting pre-existing conditions.”

MCCASKILL’S “30 FOR 30” FEATURES MISSOURIANS WITH PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. Senator McCaskill continues to feature stories from some of the 2.5 million Missourians with pre-existing conditions whose coverage is in jeopardy thanks to the lawsuit Josh Hawley is leading to eliminate protections for their care.  Watch the Lacina family share their story:

NO JOKE: HOUSLEY “LAUGHS THAT SHE IS CLUELESS ON SOCIAL SECURITY.” Minnesota Senate Republican Candidate Karin Housley was caught laughing about not having knowledge of any plans to protect Social Security. Social Security is no laughing matter to the one in six Minnesotans who receive it and Housley is proving once again that she is completely out of touch with what they need. Watch the clip:

SELF-SERVING SCOTT FORCED TO RELEASE CALENDAR INFORMATION. Self-serving Scott added on to the over 370 bad news stories he’s earned in his 150 days as a Senate candidate.

Miami Herald: Judge rules that governor’s travel plans, meeting schedule aren’t security secrets

  • A judge on Wednesday ordered Gov. Rick Scott to release about three months’ worth of meeting schedules and travel plans — including upcoming campaign events — and rejected his argument that the information should remain secret for security reasons.
  • Throughout his nearly eight years in office, Scott has routinely redacted or removed information from his schedule, even long after events have taken place, citing the same surveillance exemption.

Meanwhile, Scott’s Sunpass troubles continue to pile up as Floridians question why responses to their issues are going unanswered by Scott’s FDOT. WTSP launched an investigation into Scott’s SunPass scandal and spoke with “people who say Gov. Rick Scott’s campaigning is slowing down the response.” Watch the clip:

ANOTHER TEAM BLACKBURN “MISFIRE” ON BREDESEN. The Washington Post fact checker gave Americans for Prosperity three pinocchios for its misleading ad claiming that as Governor, Bredesen raised sales and gas taxes: “this is a puzzler because, although he considered it, Bredesen did not actually increase the sales tax or gas tax while in office.”

TESTER GROWS HIS COALITION OF SUPPORT. A group of Montana Republicans launched their Republicans for Tester group and praised the Senator for upholding Montana’s values. Here’s what they said:

Daily Inter Lake: “Republicans for Tester explained their position as a defense of Montana values, a vote for Tester’s character and a commitment to issues — namely veterans affairs, small business and agriculture, and public lands — important to the state.”

MTPR: “‘He’s looking out for the little person, and the Republican Party’s stopped doing that […] The Republican Party’s lost its way, and it’s not the party of small business that it was, or independents, it’s the party of corporations […] Jon understands what’s going on.’”

Missoula Current: “‘There’s four reasons we need to keep (Tester) in the U.S. Senate—veterans issues, agriculture, seniority and character of the individual […] I’ve never voted a straight party ticket in my life. I’ve always voted my interests and the character of the candidate, and (Tester) has always been upright and honest.’”

TEXAS SENATE RACE HEATS UP. Sabato’s Crystal Ball moved the rating for the Texas Senate race from “Likely Republican to Leans Republican” as the race continues to gather national attention.


AZ – Kyrsten Sinema’s new tv ad, “Whatever it Takes,” highlights her record of putting our military and veterans first.

FL – In “Math,” Sen. Bill Nelson highlights Rick Scott’s record on gutting funding from public schools.

IN – Sen. Joe Donnelly pledges to stand with Hoosiers and their health care in his new ad, “RV.

VA – Sen. Tim Kaine outlines his dedication to national security and contrasts it with Corey Stewart’s efforts to jeopardize Americans’ safety in his ad, “Safe.”


FL-WTSP: Sen. Bill Nelson files legislation to get veterans access to medical marijuana

UP Matters: Stabenow co-leads conference committee meeting to develop final Bipartisan Farm Bill

MN-KSFY: Sen. Smith staff members listen to veterans’ challenges in securing benefits

ND-AM1100 The Flag: Heitkamp Announces $773,827 in housing support for low income North Dakotans with disabilities

WV-Metro News: Manchin urges another vote on ‘Obamacare’ resolution as lawsuit gets underway
WI – Urban Milwaukee: U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Announces Emergency Road Funding for Wisconsin Communities Impacted by Severe Flooding and Storms

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