GOP LAWSUIT TO CUT PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS COVERAGE “IN THE SPOTLIGHT,” “PUTS GOP ON DEFENSIVE,” AMERICANS OVERWHELMINGLY OPPOSED. Oral arguments begin today in the Republican-led lawsuit to cut coverage for pre-existing conditions, and the reviews are in: it’s putting GOP Senate candidates “on defensive,” “a serious liability” that promises to keep this issue “in the spotlight.” Here’s what they’re saying and our take.

Bloomberg: Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit Puts GOP on Defensive Before Elections. “A Republican-led lawsuit seeking to nullify Obamacare will be spotlighted in court in the final months of congressional election campaigns, giving Democrats political fodder and sending GOP candidates in competitive races looking for cover […] the court case will help them to put GOP candidates in competitive races on the defensive.”

The Hill: “The midterm fight over pre-existing conditions will be in the spotlight.” “Democrats have made the case an issue in the midterm elections, blasting Republicans over the lawsuit and warning that it threatens to abolish popular protections for pre-existing conditions. […]  “A Democratic PAC is running an ad hitting Missouri GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley, currently the state’s attorney general, for backing the lawsuit. Hawley is in a closely watched race to unseat Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) […] Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) is also using the issue in ads against his opponent, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R), who supports the lawsuit.”

TPM: Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit Threatens to Drag Down GOP In the Midterm. “A lawsuit filed by 20 GOP-controlled states and supported by the Trump administration could end up becoming a serious liability for Republican candidates this November.”

POLITICO: Red states take Obamacare back to court, picking up where Congress left off. “Republicans have mounted multiple unsuccessful repeal attempts, and public opinion has swung in the law’s favor. That’s put Republicans on the defensive ahead of the midterm elections, with pre-existing condition protections being dragged into court and the future of the law again in doubt.”

NEW POLLING CONFIRMS AMERICANS HATE IT. From Kaiser Health Tracking: Americans Across Party Identification Overwhelmingly Oppose GOP Push To Cut Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage.

  • “KFF polling continues to find pre-existing conditions as a widespread concern and with the impending lawsuit Texas v. United States, a majority of the public say it is ‘very important’ that the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) protections for people with pre-existing conditions ensuring guaranteed coverage (75 percent) and community rating (72 percent) remain law. About half (52 percent) of the public are ‘very worried’ that they or someone in their family will have to pay more for health insurance and four in ten (41 percent) are ‘very worried’ they will lose their coverage if the Supreme Court overturns these protections.”
  • “Majorities, across party identification and household health status, say it is ‘very important’ that these protections remain law. Nine in ten Democrats (86 percent), three-fourths of independents, and 58 percent of Republicans say it is ‘very important’ that insurance companies cannot deny coverage because of a person’s medical history.“

WHERE THE GOP SENATE CANDIDATES STAND: Not a single Republican Senate candidate has spoken out against the lawsuit – in fact some signed onto it and others have expressed support. Our take: By pushing a lawsuit that would make coverage for pre-existing conditions unconstitutional, Josh Hawley has given Missourians a clear and powerful reason to vote against him in November. Health care is the top issue for voters and they want a senator who will put their interests first – by backing a toxic agenda that raises costs and cuts coverage Hawley has failed that test and proven he can’t be trusted in the Senate.”

** Similar releases were sent to Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, North DakotaOhioPennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin **

HOW IT’S PLAYING ON THE TRAIL, FROM TODAY’S POLITICO-FLORIDA: “SCOTT TRIES TO THREAD THE NEEDLE ON FLORIDA’S OBAMACARE PRE-EXISTING CONDITION LAWSUIT.”  “A lawsuit from Florida and other GOP-led states that would end the Affordable Care Act — and that is fast becoming central to the Senate race between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson — gets a hearing Wednesday at a federal court in Texas […] Scott has tried to stake out a middle position by publicly endorsing a new Senate GOP plan that Republicans say would enshrine those protections in a separate health care law […] Larry Levitt, senior vice president for health reform at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told POLITICO via email that the bill only gives the appearance of protecting patients with those conditions.”

MORE THAN 25 PATIENT GROUPS SLAM GOP’S SCAM HEALTH CARE BILL, “IT WOULD NOT BAN PRE-EXISTING EXCLUSIONS.”More than 25 patient advocacy groups, including the American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association issued a new statement slamming the GOP’s scam health care bill, reinforcing the fact that it wouldn’t cover pre-existing conditions and that GOP Senate candidates are lying about what this legislation does. The groups also say this bill wouldn’t stop an age tax. Read more from The Hill: Patient groups say GOP bill on pre-existing conditions is insufficient.

See also: Los Angeles Times: The GOP claims its proposal would protect people with preexisting conditions. That’s a lie; The Washington Post: Republicans are running the ‘repeal and replace’ scam all over again; HuffPost: GOP Senate Candidates Are Scrambling To Rewrite Their Record On Pre-Existing Conditions.

SINEMA LAUNCHES HEALTH CARE GROUP. From POLITICO’s Pulse: “Health Care Voters for Sinema is comprised of patients, doctors, providers, and patient advocates who will canvass on her behalf. ‘Health Care Voters for Sinema know Kyrsten can be trusted to work across the aisle to bring down Arizonans’ health care costs, protect their coverage, and fix our broken health care system,’ the group said in a release said.”


  • “U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn did not disclose taking out a $100,000 line of credit from a bank last year to cover the costs to repair a house she co-owns in South Carolina, according to her most recent financial disclosures.”
  • “Blackburn has frequently failed to pay property taxes for the home on time, resulting in thousands of dollars in penalties, according to South Carolina property records.”
  • “Sigler did not respond to a question about Blackburn’s failure to pay the house’s property taxes on time.”

CBS REPORTS FROM THE GROUND ON DONNELLY’S CAMPAIGN TO PUT HOOSIERS FIRST: “JOE DONNELLY PROMOTES HIS INDEPENDENT STREAK ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL.“Whether it was President Obama or President Bush or President Trump I vote for whatever is in the best interest of our country,” Donnelly said. “I’ll work with any president. I don’t work for any president.”


NV — The Nevada Independent reports today on Jacky Rosen’s new Spanish language ad attacking Heller on health care.


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