DSCC Statement Ahead Of Republican Closed Door Meeting On Healthcare And Failure To Meet Vote Deadline

Ahead of tonight’s closed door Republican meeting following their missed voting deadline on their Healthcare Plan, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement: 

“This won’t be the last time Republicans flee behind closed doors in the face of massive voter outrage and opposition to their Healthcare Plan. After an embarrassing failure to muster support, Republicans were forced to delay a vote and are now desperately trying to ram through a bill that spikes costs for seniors, makes working people pay more for less care and strips coverage away from millions while giving more taxpayer funded handouts to Big Insurance companies and the wealthiest few. On the campaign trail there will be nowhere Republican Senate candidates can hide from their toxic healthcare agenda.”

This week the DSCC launched its first TV and digital advertising campaign of the 2018 cycle highlighting how the Republican Healthcare Plan hurts working families, and previously released a memo detailing the campaign implications for the Republican’s healthcare proposal and highlighting how every Republican Senate candidate will be weighed down by their Party’s reckless plan.


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