DSCC Statement On Scott-Putnam Background Check Scandal

Tampa Bay Times Editorial: “The common thread running through these deadly tragedies is Scott’s practice of blaming others when things go terribly wrong while avoiding responsibility for his administration’s failures”

In response to a major Tampa Bay Times report revealing that the state of Florida failed to properly process background checks on gun purchases for a year, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:

“Instead of looking out for Floridians’ safety, Rick Scott was too busy looking out for himself. The buck stops with him — his administration was informed of this scandal as it was unfolding and didn’t do anything to correct the problem. His obsession with advancing his own political interests has once again endangered Floridians and plunged his administration into another scandal.”

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Tampa Bay Times HEADLINE: Editorial: Scott blames others, avoids responsibility after crises.

  • “He moves just as quickly to avoid any responsibility when something goes terribly wrong, from a bridge collapse to a mass shooting. As voters evaluate the governor’s record in the coming months, they should be mindful of his repeated efforts to deflect criticism and hold him accountable for his administration’s shortcomings.
  • “After 14 patients from a Hollywood Hills nursing home died in the intense heat following September’s Hurricane Irma, Scott voided the home’s state license and cut off its Medicaid funding. As it turns out, nursing home officials called the governor’s cellphone and state agencies seeking help after the power went out and their air conditioning was cut off during the hurricane. And the Miami Herald reported the considerable shortcomings of the required emergency management plans that the state routinely rubber stamps. Of course, Scott deleted the voice mails left on his cellphone, and the Broward state attorney declined to investigate.”
  • “The common thread running through these deadly tragedies is Scott’s practice of blaming others when things go terribly wrong while avoiding responsibility for his administration’s failures. As voters evaluate the governor’s record, they should examine the entire picture rather than his polished version.”

Sun Sentinel HEADLINE: State wrong to duck blame in pedestrian bridge collapse“Barely after rescuers had begun searching for bodies under Florida International University’s collapsed pedestrian bridge last Thursday, Gov. Rick Scott’s administration had begun its own political rescue mission.’”

  • “You can see why Scott and his people are worried. Last September, it was 12 dead residents at a Hollywood nursing home after Hurricane Irma. The governor had made a point of giving his private cellphone number to such facilities, but the nursing home said its calls went unanswered.”
  • “Last month, it was 14 dead students and three dead staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Though Scott immediately blamed the FBI for failing to follow up on a warning about gunman Nikolas Cruz, the Florida Department of Children and Families also had contact with Cruz and didn’t intervene.”


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