ICYMI: McConnell Tars His Own Candidates [Politico]

Statement from DSCC spokesman David Bergstein: “Mitch McConnell has grown so toxic with Republican primary voters that his own recruits want nothing to do with him and are begging Bannon for cover. Now, these candidates are caught in a lie about who they’re tied to and exposed as frauds. The ‘McConnell Industrial Complex’ can’t media train that away.” 


Politico: Bannon’s army includes candidates backed by the GOP establishment
October 17, 2017

Key Points:

  • “For months, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has been media training Rosendale, according to a person close to the campaign. In addition to any help he gets from Bannon, Rosendale is also a client of the consulting firm On Message, Inc., one of the most ‘establishment’ consulting firms in Washington, which is running his media and digital operations.”
  • “It’s all fantasy,’ Josh Holmes, a former chief of staff to McConnell, said in an interview.”
  • “It’s not just a question raised in Montana. In Missouri, Bannon is very interested in State Attorney General Josh Hawley, who was recruited by none other than McConnell to run in the first place. ‘He was our number one recruit of the cycle,’ Holmes said. ‘We worked our tail off to recruit Josh Hawley.’”
  • “‘The Republican establishment is so hollow and lacking in ideas that they’re almost forced to try and latch onto our slate of populist-conservatives and call them their own to survive,’ said former White House adviser Andrew Surabian, now a senior adviser to the pro-Trump super PAC Great America Alliance.”
  • “He added: ‘If the McConnell Industrial Complex inside the beltway wants us to believe that these candidates are with Mitch, then they should tell us which of them are publicly aligning themselves under the McConnell flag and supporting him for Majority Leader.”
  • “Surabian, who still works closely with Bannon, called McConnell a ‘toxic substance in a Republican primary’ and noted that ‘candidates are flocking to be aligned with Bannon because they understand that the power in the Republican party now lies in its America First, anti-establishment wing.’”

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