The New Healthcare Dynamic: GOP Senate Candidates Own This Plan

March 9, 2017

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RE: The New Healthcare Dynamic: GOP Senate Candidates Own This Plan

Here’s a wakeup call for every Republican Senate candidate: you’re now running on a platform that makes seniors pay as much as five times more for care and spikes the cost of healthcare for middle class families – all to cover the taxpayer-funded handouts to Big Insurance CEO’s and the wealthiest few. The new Republican proposal jeopardizes everything from drug abuse prevention programs to lifesaving women’s healthcare services. It raises the cost of care for older Americans and would kick millions off the insurance rolls. During the 2018 cycle there will be no rock that Republican Senate candidates can hide under to escape the GOP’s dangerous attack on American families.

See for yourself:

The Republican Plan Stacks the Deck for the Rich & Powerful While Leaving Millions of Hardworking Americans Uninsured

These articles say it all:

  • CNN: Republican Health Care Plan “Will Likely Leave Millions Uninsured, Experts Said.”
  • New York Times: “Millions Risk Losing Health Insurance in Republican Plan, Analysts Say.”
  • Vox: “Analysis: GOP plan to cost Obamacare enrollees $1,542 more a year.”

So while middle class families lose their healthcare and see more money coming out of their pockets, who wins? Big Insurance companiesCEOS with six-figure salaries and the richest Americans. And in every state, Senate Republican candidates will have to explain why they are pushing the agenda of the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of Americans who actually work for a living.

The Republican Plan Hurts Older Americans, Families Struggling With Drug Abuse, and Women

Older Americans bear the brunt of the Republican’s proposal: they would pay as much as five times more for insurance. And the AARP estimates the Republican Plan would lead to an “eyepopping” $8,400 hike in premiums for some seniors. After years spent attacking Medicare and Social Security, Republican Senate candidates campaigning from Florida to Nevada will now have to explain why their Party’s Plan dramatically spikes the cost of healthcare for seniors and older Americans.

The Republican Plan could also “gut opioid treatment gains,” slash billions of dollars for treatment programs and “wreak havoc on efforts to…stop the prescription drug and opioid epidemic.” What does that mean for families dealing with the devastating epidemic of opioid abuse? The Republican Plan jeopardizes drug abuse treatment program for nearly 63,000 Pennsylvanians, nearly 200,000 Floridians, nearly 28,000 Missourians, and millions more.

The Republican Plan would also defund Planned Parenthood – jeopardizing access to vital and lifesaving healthcare services for women and working families across the country.

The Bottom Line: Republican Senate Candidates Can’t Hide From Their Toxic Healthcare Agenda

Regardless of how far this plan makes it through Congress, every Republican Senate candidate will have to answer for a dangerous proposal that puts millions of Americans at risk. Some are already uniquely exposed.

This week Senator Heller refused to join four other Republican Senators in condemning the healthcare proposal, and he’s been ducking and dodging questions about it ever since.

Congressional Republicans who run for the Senate will also carry the baggage of their specific votes for the bill into their potential Senate campaigns. Four potential candidates – Representatives Upton (MI), Cramer (ND), Tiberi (OH) and Walorski (IN) – also serve on House committees responsible for the legislation. Other potential candidates, like Representative Messer (IN), have already indicated the Plan has their full-throated support.

In states that have expanded Medicaid – like Nevada, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio — potential GOP Senate candidates will face even more intense pressures, especially as Republican governors speak out against the proposal themselves.

And with groups representing doctors, seniors and Americans of every persuasion speaking out against the Republican proposal, pressure on potential GOP candidates is only continuing to build. As the 2018 campaign cycle continues, there will be nowhere for Republican Senates candidates to hide — and at every turn Democrats will remind voters that the Republican Plan puts the rich, the powerful and the well-connected first, while hardworking Americans pay the price.

In fact — as The Hill reported this week — vulnerable Republicans Senate candidates are already “feeling the heat.”



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