What They’re Saying: DSCC “Blitz” On GOP Senators With “Brutal” Health Care Ads

As Senate Republicans race in secret towards their July 4th health care deadline, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is holding Senators Heller (NV), Flake (AZ), Cruz (TX) and Gov. Rick Scott (FL) accountable — launching a healthcare “blitz” with “brutal” ads highlighting how the GOP’s plan will spike costs and strip coverage. The DSCC is the first campaign committee this cycle to utilize Google’s innovative full screen-takeover format to reach ‘cord-cutters’ and other voters who consume TV lightly.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Washington Post: Democrats target three Senate Republicans with health-care ads. “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is launching digital ‘takeover’ ads against three Senate Republicans and a governor to increase the pressure on the Senate’s health-care bill… ‘If Senators Heller, Flake and Cruz, along with Governor Scott, get their way, hard-working Americans will pay the price while insurance companies and the rich get a tax break,’ DSCC spokesman David Bergstein said.”

Washington Times: Democrats blitz airwaves as GOP debates health care. “Republican Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Dean Heller of Nevada are considered the most vulnerable Republicans in the 2018 cycle and faced a twin assault from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which launched full-screen web ads aimed at mobile viewers and “cord-cutters” who don’t watch regular cable TV, and a seven-figure radio and television buy from the left-leaning Community Catalyst Action Fund.” 

The Hill: Dems step up attacks on GOP ObamaCare bill. “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced on Monday that it had launched a new ad against Sens. Dean Heller (Nev.) and Jeff Flake (Ariz.) — the two most vulnerable Republicans up for reelection in an otherwise favorable year for the party — as well as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Florida Gov. Rick Scott.”

Politico’s Morning Score: DSCC runs takeover ads vs. Heller, Flake, Cruz, Scott. “The spots, part of a six-figure digital buy, are some of Google’s new takeover ads. They link to the DSCC’s ad, “The Price” which aims to show the cost of the GOP health care plan. The ads are targeted at Heller, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Gov. Rick Scott. The DSCC is the first campaign group to use the ad format, which is designed to reach mobile viewers and cord cutters.”

Las Vegas Review Journal: Ads target Dean Heller, other GOP senators to sway vote on health care bill. “With a critical vote quickly approaching on the Senate health care plan, special interest groups and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee have targeted Republicans like Dean Heller… the DSCC has launched Google takeover ads on the Internet. The ads target older voters, women and swing voters.”

Tampa Bay Times: Ads tie Rick Scott to GOP health care plans. “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is promoting a Google ‘takeover’ ad that seeks to tie Gov. Rick Scott to the GOP health care plan in Washington. The DSCC said the video will be shown across a full screen and targets mobile viewers and people who consume television lightly.”

Florida Politics: DSCC releases new digital ad taking aim at Rick Scott over health care. “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is once again targeting Gov. Rick Scott over his support of the Republican health care agenda. The committee announced Monday it was launching full-screen, Google takeover ads featuring new versions of a DSCC called “The Price” aimed at Scott’s support of the health care plan and its impact on Florida families… The 30-second spot features images of a man and woman selling their vehicle and jewelry, before appearing at the hospital bed of a child. At the end of the advertisement, the words “What will Rick Scott’s health care plan cost you?” flash across the screen.”

Orlando Weekly: Brutal new ad links GOP healthcare bill with Rick Scott. “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is hoping to make waves with a Google “takeover” ad attacking the GOP health care plan… The six-figure digital ad buy will utilize Google’s “full-screen takeover” ad feature, which expands the ad content across the viewer’s entire screen. The feature targets mobile viewers and those who watch light TV.”

Orlando Politics: Video: DSCC tags Rick Scott on Health Care reform ahead of likely run for Senate. “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has targeted Florida Governor Rick Scott in a new ad, for supporting the White House’s Health Care overhaul efforts, ahead of his likely challenge of Senator Bill Nelson in 2018. The ad features family members pawning their belongings and selling their car to pay for the health care of their sick child.”


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