What They’re Saying: DSCC Holding GOP Accountable For Toxic Healthcare Agenda

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is “putting the pressure on” Sens. Heller, Flake and every potential GOP Senate candidate for their party’s toxic healthcare agenda.

Immediately following yesterday’s healthcare vote the DSCC launched six-second, non-skippable Youtube ads against Sens. Heller and Flake — becoming the first national committee to use this innovative ad format during the 2018 cycle — and has been pounding potential candidates across the map for their plan that would strip coverage and spike costs. Bottom line: we’re just getting started.

See for yourself:

Buzzfeed: “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Campaign launched the new six-second ad on Thursday, just as House Republicans passed their health care bill and sent it to the Senate. The ad targets users in two states where Democrats think they have a shot at ousting Republican senators in 2018: Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Dean Heller of Nevada. The DSCC is the first national political committee this cycle to use YouTube’s relatively new ‘bumper ad’ format, which allows advertisers to buy six seconds of time before a video that users cannot skip.” 

Washington Post: “Hours after the House passed the bill, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a six-second, non-skippable YouTube ad in Nevada and Arizona, where potentially vulnerable GOP Sens. Dean Heller and Jeff Flake are up for reelection. In April, they relaunched 30-second digital ads in 12 battleground states imaging a dystopian GOP health-care landscape: A woman pawns her wedding ring and a man sells his car to pay for their sick child’s health-care costs […] The strategy is to make potential GOP Senate candidates like Reps. Todd Rokita and Luke Messer in Indiana, or Kevin Cramer in North Dakota, or Evan Jenkins in West Virginia — Heller and Flake — answerable to what Democrats are pretty sure will be a huge drop in coverage across the nation.”

Politico: “The DSCC, meanwhile, is launching non-skippable 6-second YouTube ads attacking GOP Sens. Dean Heller of Nevada and Jeff Flake of Arizona. The ads feature a female narrator asking: “What will the Republican health care plan cost you?” as the cost of pregnancy coverage goes up and up on the screen. The DSCC is the first campaign committee to use the 6-second ads, which are designed to hold user attention on mobile platforms.”

Huffington Post: “How easy is it to hammer them? It takes the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee just six seconds to do it.”

MSNBC: Maddow: “Democrats have cooked up basically a gut-punch of an ad…The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee will drop that ad tomorrow, putting the pressure on.”

The Hill: “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee bought non-skippable YouTube ads targeting purple-state Republican Sens. Jeff Flake (Ariz.) and Dean Heller (Nev.), the two most vulnerable Senate Republicans on the ballot in 2018. ‘To Senators Heller and Flake, and every other potential GOP Senate candidate, our message is simple: you own this plan and we will hold you accountable,’ said DSCC spokesman David Bergstein.”

Roll Call: ‘The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee joined in, as well, announcing six-second non-skippable YouTube ads tying Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and Nevada Sen. Dean Heller to the House GOP’s health care bill.”  

Morning Consult: “Senate Democratic campaign operatives are already putting pressure on GOP senators. Soon after the House vote, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced a YouTube ad targeting Sens. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) – the chamber’s most vulnerable Republicans seeking re-election next year.” 

PoliticsPA: “But the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is not waiting for them to decide. The committee is running google search ads targeting both Congressmen over their support of the American Health Care Act (AHCA).”

Creative Loafing Tampa: “Ahead of what’s looking more and more like a U.S. Senate run for Florida Governor Rick Scott in 2018, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has launched a fierce, well-funded effort to highlight Scott’s support of unpopular policies as well as his tendency to…be Rick Scott.Its latest effort? A six-figure Google Ads campaign to highlight his support of the deeply unpopular Trump-Ryan healthcare plan.”

Tampa Bay Times: “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said the ads will show up when anyone in Florida searches for Scott’s position on the issue. A link directs viewers to a page attacking Scott and the failed Obamacare replacement.”

SaintPetersBlog: “The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC) announced Tuesday they are launching a six-figure digital buy of Google search advertisements highlighting Florida Governor Rick Scott’s support for the American Health Care Act, the GOP health care plan that proved so unpopular with the public that House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the measure.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: “National Democrats targeted [Heller] and other vulnerable Republicans with an internet ad buy attacking them on health care. The ads are part of a six-figure digital ad buy by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as senators returned home for a two-week congressional recess. ‘Dean Heller won’t stand up for Nevadans’ healthcare,’ the DSCC digital ads state. ‘Dean Heller 100 percent with Trump.’”

IndyStar: “In the first 2018 campaign ads by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, a mother is shown pawning her engagement ring to pay for her daughter’s health care. ‘“What will the Republican health care bill cost you?” the ad asks.” “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced it has purchased Google search ads during Congress’ current two-week recess hitting U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi’s support for the House Republicans’ scuttled health-care plan. People who click the ads are directed to a page with videos of Tiberi praising the proposal.”

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