What They’re Saying: WV GOP Senate Primary A “Brawl” & “Battle-Royale”

The West Virginia GOP Senate primary was already getting nasty, and on the first day of Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s campaign the Republican infighting turned “vicious,” “bruising” and “ugly.” Here’s what they’re saying:

Washington Examiner: Appalachia infighting: West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey slams Rep. Evan Jenkins in Senate bid announcement. “Get ready for some vicious Appalachian infighting… all the signs point to a partisan brawl inside the Republican party.”

Charleston Gazette-Mail: Rupp: Fight for senate seat may be Christmas in July for Manchin. “A contentious and well financed primary fight would be an early yuletide gift for West Virginia’s incumbent Democrat Senator.”

West Virginia Record: Jenkins’ camp says Morrisey ‘about profit, plain and simple.’ “West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is expected to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate later today, but the first verbal volley already has been issued.”

WV Public Broadcasting: 2018 Senate Race Starting to Crowd Still 15 Months Out. “The Jenkins campaign released its first set of digital attack ads, going after Morrisey for his past work as a D.C. lobbyist, and potentially setting up what many in political circles around West Virginia have predicted- an ugly and expensive Republican primary between the two.”

Metro News: Morrisey and Jenkins are already clashing over their Senate face-off. “The Republican primary should be vigorously contested, particularly between Morrisey and Jenkins, with themes including GOP bonafides, West Virginia credentials, geography and personal campaign style.”

Charleston Gazette-Mail: WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey running for Manchin’s Senate seat. “Morrisey repeated barbs he’s made about..Jenkins not being conservative enough on issues like cap-and-trade policies….Earlier Monday, Andy Sere, a spokesman for Jenkins’ campaign, said Morrisey is continuing a pattern of seeking office for personal gain amid various conflicts of interest.” 

Politico Pro: Morrisey Senate run kicks off GOP primary for Manchin seat. “West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s Senate campaign launch has set up a potentially brutal GOP primary between two men eager to take on vulnerable Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin. Morrisey and Rep. Evan Jenkins are already signaling potential lines of attack against each other, more than 10 months before next spring’s primary.”

Roll Call: Health Care’s Senate Mountain Stage.  “The front-runners have now formally entered a potentially bruising Republican Senate primary in West Virginia.”

Daily Kos: The WV-SEN “Battle Royale.”Morrisey’s entry into the race sets up a battle-royale GOP primary with Rep. Evan Jenkins, and both men may have some vulnerabilities in this famously parochial state.”

The Hill: West Virginia attorney general to announce Senate challenge to Manchin. “West Virginia Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced his bid for the Senate on Monday, setting up a primary clash between two high-profile Republicans looking to unseat Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin…The two have already sparred since Jenkins entered the race this spring.”

Morning Consult: West Virginia AG Enters Republican Senate Primary Against Rep. Jenkins. “Jenkins and Morrisey had already been going back in forth in the press, with Jenkins being criticized for his time as a Democrat. He in turn accused Morrisey of putting the state’s attorney general seat in jeopardy of Democratic control if Morrisey is elected and resigns to join the Senate.”


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