200 Days, Over 620 Bad Stories About Rick Scott

Today marks the 200th day since Rick Scott launched his campaign – and he’s now suffered over 620 negative stories highlighting his self-serving politics. Reports about his flailing campaign, terrible environmental record and corruption are blanketing the state — no wonder he couldn’t win by more than 1 point in historic GOP wave elections and spent more money to get fewer votes than any other Republican. See for yourself:

*NEW* HuffPost: With Key Senate Races Mired In Pollution Issues, Republican Strategists Shrug (10.24.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Why the Florida economy isn’t helping Gov. Rick Scott more in his race for U.S. Senate (10.24.18)

*NEW* The American Prospect: Rick Scott’s Double-Speak on Immigration (10.24.18)

*NEW* Orlando Weekly: ICYMI: Rick Scott’s twisted investment ties, Fashion Square Mall’s last stand, and more  (10.24.18)

*NEW* The Hill: Poll: Nelson holds 4-point lead over Scott in Florida Senate race (10.24.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: Doug Jones to campaign with Bill Nelson in Panhandle (10.24.18)

*NEW* E&E: Biden calls Rick Scott a ‘handmaiden’ for Trump (10.24.18)

*NEW* WCTV: Former VP Joe Biden campaigns in Tallahassee for Nelson (10.24.18)

*NEW* Orlando Sentinel: Joe Biden slams Rick Scott, praises Bill Nelson in Orlando (10.23.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: More than 1 million have voted; early voting surges in South Florida (10.23.18)

*NEW* POLITICO: Rick Scott battles the pollsters in Florida Senate race (10.23.18)

*NEW* Sun Sentinel, Schultz: Scott has made it a policy to enrich himself in office (10.23.18)

*NEW* POLITIFACT: Veterans group attacks Rick Scott’s Navy hat, former health care company’s fraud settlement (10.23.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: Environmental groups’ ad batters Rick Scott on red tide (10.23.18)

*NEW* Phoenix New Times: New Rick Scott Spanish Language Ad Misleading in Any Language (10.23.18)

*NEW* National Journal: Rick Scott Has Financial Ties to P.R. Electric Utility (10.23.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Bill Nelson leads Rick Scott, 52- 46 percent, in Quinnipiac poll (10.23.18)

*NEW* Florida Phoenix: Activist group delivers thousands of petitions calling on Gov. Rick Scott to enact protections for LGBTQ state workers (10.23.18)

*NEW* Orlando Weekly: As Trump targets transgender protections, Florida Gov. Rick Scott won’t say if he’ll sign an anti-discrimination order (10.23.18)

*NEW* Washington Monthly: The Senate Race That Climate Change Could Tip (10.23.18)

*NEW* Florida Phoenix: Health care a top issue for how Florida voters cast their ballots (10.23.18)

*NEW* USA Today: Polls show Sen. Bill Nelson building lead over Gov. Rick Scott in Florida Senate race (10.22.18)

*NEW* Orlando Sentinel: Democratic PAC launches new Spanish language ad hitting Rick Scott for defending Trump in Puerto Rico (10.22.18)

*NEW* Florida Phoenix: More financial controversy connected to FL Gov. Rick Scott (10.22.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: Democratic groups launch new round of voter-turnout digital ads  (10.22.18)

*NEW* Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Rick Scott has financial ties to embattled Puerto Rico electric company, records show (10.22.18)

*NEW* Florida Bulldog: Rick Scott Has Millions Invested In Puerto Rico Electric Company (10.22.18)

*NEW* Miami Herald: How big a role did state play in FIU bridge? Gov. Scott denies any, but records cast doubt (10.22.18)

*NEW* Miami Herald: Re-elect Bill Nelson to the Senate. He puts Florida’s interests first.(10.22.18)

*NEW* Bloomberg: Democrat Opens Up Lead in Crucial Florida Senate Race (10.20.18)

*NEW* Yahoo News: Red-tide awakening: How Florida’s environmental woes could hurt GOP’s Scott in Senate race (10.19.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: New Bill Nelson ad labels Rick Scott as ‘Red Tide Rick’  (10.19.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: Liberal groups launch $1M ad buy bashing Rick Scott (10.19.18)

*NEW* Orlando Sentinel: Editorial: Florida’s Election 2018: Our endorsements for governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House and the amendments (10.19.18)

*NEW* Orlando Weekly: Rick Scott has investment ties to the company responsible for screwing up SunPass (10.19.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Revealed: Rick Scott’s financial link to botched SunPass contract (10.19.18)

*NEW* The Intercept: Florida Handed $200 Million to Rick Scott Donor Amind Massive Contribution to Scott’s Super PAC (10.18.18)

*NEW* NBC2: Article reveals Scott able to see what’s in his blind trust (10.18.18)

*NEW* WMFE: Senator Bill Nelson Wants To Keep ACA, While Governor Rick Scott Wants It Repealed: How The Opioid Epidemic Could Be Affected By The Election(10.18.18)

*NEW* Florida Record: Scott shot down in bid to replace justices, urgency added to gubernatorial race (10.18.18)

*NEW* National Journal: Scott’s Blind Trust Overlapped With His Wife’s Assets (10.18.18)

*NEW* Reuters: Florida’s Republicans feel brunt of hurricane in upcoming election (10.18.18)

*NEW* Orlando Sentinel: Bill Nelson criticizes Rick Scott over health care (10.18.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: Bill Nelson rips Rick Scott on health care, red tides (10.18.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Did Mitch McConnell just cut Bill Nelson a huge break by foreshadowing Medicare cuts? (10.18.18)

*NEW* Raw Story: This is the one story Rick Scott doesn’t want Florida voters to know about: report (10.18.18)

*NEW* POLITICO: The sexual harassment case Rick Scott won’t talk about (10.18.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: Records sought for correspondence between Rick Scott’s official office, campaign (10.17.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: ‘You just can’t trust’ Rick Scott, according to new ad (10.17.18)

*NEW* New York Times: To Avoid Conflicts, Rick Scott Created a Trust Blind in Name Only (10.17.18)

*NEW* Florida Phoenix: If elected to the US Senate, Scott would be a danger to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, Democrats charge (10.17.18)

*NEW* Florida Bulldog: A Rick Scott story – how political giving and getting is done (10.16.18)

*NEW* Fox 13: Attack ad slams Gov. Scott for wearing Navy hat (10.16.18)

*NEW* Fox News: Rick Scott’s Navy hat at center of veterans’ dispute (10.16.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott is already using Hurricane Michael in a political ad (10.16.18)

*NEW* Sun Sentinel, Schultz: Scott’s anti-politics guns ad is all about the politics (10.16.18)

*NEW* Townhall: Florida Supreme Court Ruled Against Gov. Rick Scott’s Plan to Pack The State’s Highest Court (10.16.18)

*NEW* Salon: Justices thwart Rick Scott’s scheme to keep Florida’s Supreme Court in GOP control for years to come (10.16.18)

*NEW* Inquisitr: Florida Teens Are Suing Governor Rick Scott And Their Home State, Here’s Why (10.16.18)

*NEW* Slate: The Florida Supreme Court Just Stopped Rick Scott From Packing It After His Term Ends (10.15.18)

*NEW* POLITICO: “State high court decision reverberates in Governor’s campaign (10.15.18)

*NEW* POLITICO: How Red and Green Slime (Really) Could Swing Florida’s Senate Race (10.15.18)

*NEW* National Journal: Trump, GOP Gamble on Algae in Florida Senate Fight (10.15.18)

*NEW* Ocala Star Banner: Bill Freeman: Scott lacks integrity, environmental concern (10.14.18)

*NEW* Orlando Weekly: Florida filmmaker releases video blasting Rick Scott for Hurricane Irma deaths (10.12.18)

*NEW* Now This News: Gov. Rick Scott Bans Term ‘Climate Change’ In Florida (10.12.18)

*NEW* The Washington Times: Professor says hurricane victims paying price for electing ‘climate deniers’ like Gov. Rick Scott (10.12.18)

*NEW* Fox4: FGCU fact check: Scott’s record on water quality  (10.12.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Bill Nelson says global warming led to Hurricane Michael’s strength: ‘Listen to the scientists’ (10.11.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: ‘Florida is Ground Zero,” Bill Nelson says of hurricanes (10.11.18)

*NEW* Florida Phoenix: A surprising new political prospect: health care might be a top issue drawing young voters to the polls (10.11.18)

*NEW* The Washington Times: Scott’s personal wealth becomes double-edged sword in race for Florida Senate seat (10.10.18)

*NEW* Palm Beach Post: Editorial: Bill Nelson works hard for Florida; keep him in U.S. Senate (10.10.18)

*NEW* The Guardian: Hurricane Michael: Rick Scott climate record condemned as storm bears down on coast (10.9.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Times recommends: Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate (10.9.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: New Democratic ad hits Rick Scott on education cuts (10.9.18)

*NEW* 90.7 WMFE: Before Trump and Gov. Scott speak, protesters call on the state to expand Medicaid (10.8.18)

*NEW* TBO: FBI takes over investigation of Tampa Bay’s CareerSource jobs centers as state audit launches  (10.8.18)

*NEW* Miami New Times: Five Times Rick Scott Screwed Over Florida’s Waterways  (10.7.18)

*NEW* Sun Sentinel: Does Gov. Rick Scott deserve to be called ‘Red Tide Rick’? (10.5.18)

*NEW* Sun Sentinel, Grimm: Gov. Rick Scott learns too late not to mess with Florida beach access (10.5.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Democrats build advantage over Republicans in mail ballots (10.5.18)

*NEW* Miami Herald: Hurricane debris costs inflated by lack of oversight, feds say (10.4.18)

*NEW* HuffPost: For Rick Scott, Tons of Cash and 8 Years As Governor Might Not Be Enough to Beat Nelson (10.4.18)

The Guardian: Florida red tide sweeps away Republican Rick Scott’s Senate poll lead (10.5.18)

Associated Press: Questions Of Conflict Mount Over Florida Governor’s Finances (10.4.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott keeps calling Bill Nelson ‘confused.’ Is this a dog whistle that could bite back? (10.4.18)

Mother Jones: Gun Control Groups Seek Revenge Against Rick Scott (10.3.18)

POLITICO: Senate Debate: Scott’s Misleading Attack On Nelson Over Universal Health Coverage (10.2.18)

 Florida Politics: Retirees criticize Rick Scott for ‘ageist, inflammatory’ attacks on Bill Nelson (10.3.18)

HuffPost: For Rick Scott, Tons Of Cash And 8 Years As Governor Might Not Be Enough To Beat Nelson (10.3.18)

Sun Sentinel, Schultz: Gov. Rick Scott took responsibility? No, he took $300 million (10.2.18)

Miami Herald, Santiago: The ocean is brown, the crabs are dead and the smell is unbearable. Welcome to Florida (10.2.18)

Florida Politics: Democratic PAC launches Spanish attack ad on Rick Scott on education (10.2.18)

Palm Beach Post: Christie: Is Gov. Rick Scott to blame for the worsening red tide, toxic algae blooms? (10.1.18)

Associated Press: Puerto Rico governor endorses Democrats Andrew Gillum, Bill Nelson (10.1.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló endorses Bill Nelson, Andrew Gillum (10.1.18)

Fox News: Puerto Rico governor endorses Democrats in Florida’s Senate, gubernatorial races (10.1.18)

News Service of Florida: Nelson gets key endorsement in fight for Puerto Rican voters (10.1.18)

Florida Politics: Bill Nelson leading Rick Scott by 4 points in latest poll (10.1.18)

Florida Phoenix: Gillum and Nelson endorsed by Puerto Rico’s governor (10.1.18)

NBC News: Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló endorses Florida Democrats Nelson, Gillum (10.1.18)

News Herald: Appeals court to hear arguments on Scott records (10.1.18)

Herald Tribune: Hands Along The Water plans peaceful red tide demonstration (10.1.18)

Miami Herald: Re-elect Bill Nelson to the Senate. He puts Florida’s interests first (9.30.18)

POLITICO: Scott tries to flip the script on historic Medicare fraud fine (9.30.18)

Florida Politics: How much responsibility did Rick Scott really take in HCA Medicare fraud scandal? (9.30.18)

CNN: The Florida Senate race may be moving away from Republican Rick Scott (9.29.18)

Orlando Sentinel, Maxwell:’Mostly false:’ Politifact vets 9 Rick Scott ads, finds all 9 are false (9.29.18)

Miami Herald, Hiaasen: Rick Scott doesn’t want his Senate campaign swept away by the (red) tide  (9.28.18)

Miami Herald: FPL is a Rick Scott benefactor. He just shifted a vote on its Dania plant to after the election. (9.28.18)

Palm Beach Post: Medicaid paid drug-maker in Scott’s portfolio hundreds of millions  (9.28.18)

Florida Politics: Florida Chamber poll has Bill Nelson edging Rick Scott (9.28.18)

Florida Politics: Activists brave red tide to send Rick Scott a message (9.27.18)

Orlando Weekly: Rick Scott reasserts right to appoint justices to Florida Supreme Court before leaving office (9.27.18)

POLITIFACT: Gov. Rick Scott’s Pants on Fire statement that Sen. Bill Nelson is a socialist (9.27.18)

Florida Phoenix: The word “socialist” is “an inaccurate red scare tactic” (9.27.18)

Tampa Bay Times: PolitiFact Florida finds flaws in Rick Scott claims on education, socialism (9.27.18)

Mother Jones: Toxic Red Tide Could Fuel A Blue Win In Florida. (9.27.18)

 Gannett: Red Scott Defends Role On Red Tide Before FWC (9.26.18)

 The Weekly Standard: Can Rick Scott Survive Ron DeSantis? (9.26.18)

Fort Myers News-Press: Rick Scott’s algae plan not a hit with everyone (9.26.18)

Washington Examiner: Democrats’ attacks on Rick Scott are taking a toll (9.26.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Scott owes taxpayers answers about high bills for debris removal (9.26.18)

PolitiFact: Florida scores aren’t first: The facts about Rick Scott’s education ad (9.26.18)

NBC: Battleground Florida begins ‘tipping in the Democrats’ favor’ (9.26.18)

Florida Phoenix: Report: Gov. Scott gave $5 million from blind trust to his daughter and reported it as “accounts receivable from a business.” (9.26.18)

Florida Bulldog: Gov. Scott’s federal financial disclosure disguised blind trust loan to daughter (9.26.18)

Palm Beach Post: Democratic trend in Florida? Two new polls show Gillum, Nelson ahead (9.26.18)

Orlando Weekly: ICYMI: SeaWorld and former CEO pay hefty fine, Rick Scott gets yelled at over red tide and more (9.26.18)

Florida Phoenix: Misleading ads on Florida test results: Gov. Rick Scott should do the math maybe? (9.25.18)

TC Palm: Why Rick Scott will struggle to win — and could lose — in Martin County  (9.25.18)

Florida Politics: Here comes the HCA and wealth hits Democrats promised against Rick Scott (9.25.18)

Florida Politics: Independents, women push Bill Nelson ahead in NBC News/Marist poll (9.25.18)

NBC: Poll: Democrats have narrow lead in top Florida contests (9.25.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Bill Nelson leads Rick Scott by 7 points in new Quinnipiac poll (9.25.18)

News Press: My pictures tells of a governor dismissing water crisis  (9.25.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott: A model of inconsistency as Florida governor (9.25.18)

POLITICO: Nelson jumps to 7-point lead over Scott in new Florida poll (9.25.18)

 Sarasota Herald Tribune: Analysis: Florida is the fifth-worst state to be a teacher (9.24.18)

WTSP: 10Investigates: Where does all that Florida SunPass toll money go? (9.24.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: DeSantis, Scott send mixed messages on oil drilling (9.24.18)

Washington Times: IG to audit Rick Scott’s Hurricane Irma contracts at Democrats’ request (9.24.18)

Florida Phoenix: Federal U.S. Inspector General investigating Gov. Scott’s DOT for hurricane cleanup contract’s high prices (9.24.18)

CBS Miami: Wasserman Schultz Applauds Fed Audit Of Gov. Scott “Price Gouging” Contracts (9.24.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Feds Will Audit State’s Higher Debris Removal Costs In Florida Keys (9.24.18)

 Orlando Sentinel: Rick Scott’s education ad misstates Florida’s test success (9.24.18)

CBS MiamI: Feds Launch Audit of Keys Debris Contracts (9.23.18)

Ocala Star Banner: For Rick Scott, one part of record hits home  (9.23.18)

GateHouse: Falling homeowner rates in Florida cloud Rick Scott’s campaign message (9.22.18)

Tampa Bay Times, Romano: Too Late For Many, Florida’s Prescription Database Is Finally Mandatory (9.22.18)

TC Palm: Gov. Rick Scott initially denied untested Alico water farm, then OK’d $124 million project (9.21.18)

Sun Sentinel: Florida and the nation need Bill Nelson in the U.S. Senate (9.21.18)

The Gainesville Sun:: Editorial: Scott Deserves Blame For Algae Mess (9.21.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Rick Scott gets flak over red tide research proposal (9.21.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Lawsuit challenges Gov. Rick Scott’s Supreme Court appointments (again)  (9.20.18)

TC Palm: Report: Half of Florida counties lost jobs during Scott tenure (9.20.18)

Pensacola News Journal: Gov. Rick Scott’s clemency process should be criminal (9.20.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Lawsuit Filed (Again) Over Gov. Scott Appointing Justices To State Supreme Court (9.20.18)

CNN: Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis navigate Trump in Florida’s hotly contested races (9.20.18)

Florida Phoenix: FL Dems say the state and the feds have let down Puerto Ricans who moved to the state after Hurricane Maria (9.20.18)

Ocala Star Banner: Editorial: Scott is a disaster on environment  9.19.18)

Naples News Press: Rick Scott cancels Naples campaign event after red tide protesters confront him in Venice (9.19.18) Red tide in Panama City: Florida Gov. Rick Scott booed out of restaurant amid algae crisis (9.19.18)

Daily Mail: Florida governor is shouted out of campaign event at restaurant by protesters furious over ‘red tide’ algae (9.19.18)

Washington Post: ‘Red-tide Rick has got to go’: Protesters run Florida governor out of campaign rally (9.18.18)

Palm Beach Post: Protesters Heckle Scott Over Red Tide At Campaign Stop (9.18.18)

 HuffPost: Red Tide Protesters Drive Florida Gov. Rick Scott From Campaign Stop (9.18.18)

Florida Bulldog: Florida First Lady’s Loan To Accountant For Governor’s Blind Trust May Have Broken State Law (9.18.18)

TPM: Floridians Heckle Senate Candidate Gov. Rick Scott Out Of Restaurant In Minutes (9.18.18)

Newsweek: Florida Governor Rick Scott Booed Out of Restaurant by Red Tide Protesters (9.18.18)

IJR: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Booed Out of Local Restaurant After Only 10 Minutes (9.18.18)

Tampa Bay Times: A bumpy campaign bus tour comes to a close for Rick Scott (9.18.18)

FOX35 Orlando: Protesters face Governor Rick Scott outside of Orlando rally (9.18.18)

WESH: Protesters meet Rick Scott in Orlando (9.18.18)

Naples Daily News: Gov. Scott cancels Naples campaign event after red tide protesters confront him in Venice (9.18.18)

Orlando Weekly: Rick Scott booed again by protesters at Senate campaign stop in Orlando (9.18.18)

News 13: Gov. Scott touts jobs in Orlando, wraps up tour dogged by protesters (9.18.18)

Daily Caller: Protesters Boo Rick Scott Out Of Campaign Event Over His Environmental Policies (9.18.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott accused of flouting public records law; governor assails law firm’s ‘dirty tactics’ (9.18.18)

Associated Press: Florida Gov. Scott confronted by protesters at campaign stop  (9.17.18)

Fox 35: Protestors confront Governor Rick Scott about red tide (9.17.18)

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Rick Scott campaign stop besieged by red tide protesters (9.17.18)

Sarasota Herald Tribune: VIDEO: Rick Scott ducks out back door at campaign event besieged by red tide protesters (9.17.18)

WWSB: VIDEO: Governor Rick Scott greeted by protesters in Venice (9.17.18)

RawStory: ‘You coward’: Protesters force Republican Rick Scott out of a restaurant during a campaign stop (9.17.18)

WWSB: Protesters greet Governor Scott at Rally in Venice (9.17.18)

Orlando Weekly: Rick Scott booed out of restaurant over Florida’s red tide crisis (9.17.18)

GateHouse: Rick Scott Confronted By Red Tide Protesters At Campaign Stop (9.17.18)

 ABC 7: VIDEO: Governor Rick Scott Greeted By Protesters In Venice (9.17.18)

Florida Phoenix: Citizens rising up against the Florida Legislature, Gov. Rick Scott, and private property zealots (9.17.18)

Palm Beach Post: Editorial: Scott must answer for environmental malpractice (9.16.18)

Aids Health: AHF Sues Gov. Rick Scott for Violating Florida’s Sunshine Law (9.14.18)

Times/Herald: A desperate place left far behind in Rick Scott’s economy (9.14.18)

Orlando Sentinel: 36 Florida Counties Lose Jobs As Rick Scott Touts Economic Growth – Report (9.16.18)

 Tampa Bay Times: Romano: Rick Scott’s Do-It-Yourself Guide To Rigging A Supreme Court. (9.15.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Was The Iraq War A Mistake? With George Bush In Town, It Took Rick Scott 75 Words To Not Answer. (9.14.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Rick Scott’s Disdain For The Environment Means He Owns Algae Mess Plaguing The State. (9.14.18)

MapLight: Rick Scott Invested In The Same Financial Firms As Florida’s Pension System. (9.14.18)

WMNF: Activists slam Rick Scott for preexisting conditions lawsuit (9.13.18)

POLITICO: Scott’s blind trust mirrors hundreds of investments also held by wife (9.13.18)

Florida Politics: Florida Uninsured Rate Increases, Tops National Average. (9.13.18)

 Tampa Bay Times: Lawsuit says Rick Scott office won’t fulfill public records request (9.13.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Rick Scott keeps Donald Trump at arm’s length despite early support. Can he keep it up? (9.13.18)

Miami Herald: Rick Scott starts process to pick Supreme Court justices. Political, legal fights loom. (9.12.18)

Slate: Rick Scott Is Preparing to Pack the State Supreme Court After His Term Ends (9.12.18)

Orlando Weekly: Rick Scott starts controversial process of replacing three Florida Supreme Court judges (9.12.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Tobacco Company And Major Contributor To Rick Scott Violated Campaign Laws In Montana (9.12.18)

 Florida Politics: Two Democratic groups launch new anti-Rick Scott digital ads (9.12.18)

New York Daily News: Florida Gov. Rick Scott flew by private jet during campaign bus tour (9.11.18)

POLITICO: Scott jets around on secrecy-heavy ‘bus tour’ (9.11.18)

HuffPost: Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae Could Block Rick Scott’s Path To The Senate (9.11.18)

WCTV: Governor hit with public records suit (9.11.18)

Miami Herald: This HBO Comedian Ridiculed Florida’s Clemency Process. Rick Scott Takes It Seriously. (9.11.18)

WPTV: Small business owners say algae relief plans are not enough (9.11.18)

Florida Politics: New elections complaint for Rick Scott ‘New Republican’ PAC (9.10.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Federal complaint alleges Rick Scott illegally benefited from anti-Bill Nelson Super PAC ads (9.10.18)

Sun Sentinel: On second thought, Gov. Rick Scott’s Hurricane Irma response wasn’t so great (9.10.18)

Florida Politics: New elections complaint for Rick Scott ‘New Republican’ PAC (9.10.18)

POLITICO: Rick Scott plays ‘keep away from Trump’ (9.10.18)

National Journal: Sierra Club Releases Video Tying Scott to Climate Change (9.10.18)

Florida Politics: Sierra Club turning gas power plant proposal into video hitting Rick Scott on climate change (9.10.18)

Tampa Bay Times: VIDEO: John Oliver took Rick Scott to task last night for disenfranchising felons. (9.10.18)

Slate: “Florida Man” Controls Your Right to Vote, Warns John Oliver (9.10.18)

Orlando Weekly: John Oliver rips Rick Scott over Florida’s awful clemency process (9.10.18)

Associated Press: Florida Gov. Rick Scott skips campaign stop after protesters show up (9.10.18)

10 News: John Oliver Goes After Gov. Rick Scott, Calls Felony Disenfranchisement Rules ‘Insane.’ (9.10.18)

Alternet: GOP Governor Dodges His Own Campaign Event As Activists Protest Blocking of Public Beaches: ‘Scared of A Bunch of Little Old Ladies’ (9.10.18)

 My Panhandle: Protesters Attend “Make Washington Work” Bus Tour Event (9.10.18)

 NWF Daily News: Scott misses protesters at Santa Rosa Beach Donut Hole, appears later at Inlet Beach location (9.10.18)

 Miami Herald: These beach-access advocates spoiled Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign stop at doughnut shop (9.10.18)

 The Week: John Oliver Urges Florida Voters To Restore Felons’ Voting Rights, Appealing To The State’s Dumb-News Infamy. (9.10.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott skips campaign stop and ducks beach access law opponents (9.9.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott starts campaign bus tour Sunday. First stop? Don’t tell the media. (9.9.18)

Naples Herald: Scott water comments refuel political fighting (9.8.18)

Orlando Weekly: Rick Scott tweeting about how he’ll save Medicare is peak bullshit (9.7.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Democrats decry Scott ‘stunt’ on environmental funding (9.7.18)

Florida Bulldog: Rick Scott, Mike Pence: When campaign fundraising met tax incentives for Scott’s company (9.7.18)

Miami New Times: Homestead Tree Farmer Manuel Diaz Influenced Rick Scott’s Decision to Waste Millions of Taxpayer Dollars (9.7.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Florida governor’s schedule should be public (9.7.18)

Florida Phoenix: No FL governor in modern times has been more secretive than Rick Scott (9.7.18)

ABC: Emails show palm tree contractor got special access to FDOT Secretary and advance notice of projects (9.6.18)

Florida Politics: New digital ad says Rick Scott’s ‘dirty politics’ led to dirty water (9.6.18)

Associated Press: Florida Gov. Scott ordered to hand over public records (9.6.18)

News Service of Florida: Florida judge orders Rick Scott to release his calendar information (9.6.18)

Tallahassee Democrat: Gov. Rick Scott ordered to release calendar, travel itinerary (9.5.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Judge orders Rick Scott to release three months of travel records (9.5.18)

POLITICO: Scott tries to thread the needle on Florida’s Obamacare pre-existing condition lawsuit (9.5.18)

WTSP: SunPass Saga: Is campaign slowing response? (9.5.18)

Sun Sentinel Editorial: Once more time. No oil drilling near Florida (9.5.18)

Politico: Scott tries to thread the needle on Florida’s Obamacare pre-existing condition lawsuit (9.5.18)

TCPalm: Brian Mast won’t endorse Rick Scott for U.S. Senate unless he supports clean-water efforts (9.4.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott avoids questions on Trump’s Mexico trade impact (9.4.18)

TC Palm: Brian Mast won’t endorse Rick Scott for U.S. Senate unless he supports clean-water efforts (9.4.18)

Daytona Beach News-Journal: Editorial: A puzzling choice for water district (9.4.18)

Sun Sentinel: Editorial: Gov. Rick Scott’s mockery of a “blind trust” (9.2.18)

Ocala Star Banner: Editorial: Make it all about Florida (9.2.18)

POLITICO: Scott administration tried to quiet veteran staffer’s transportation funding concerns (8.31.18)

POLITICO: Democrats: Medicare fraud is ‘fungus’ Scott will never get rid of  (8.30.18)

TCPalm: Scott lost protest votes to ‘Rocky’ De La Fuente (8.30.18)

NewsTalk Florida: Rick Scott is a “Loser of the Primary” (8.30.18)

Miami Herald: Beach access battle, algae blooms appear to cost Scott votes (8.30.18)

Florida Politics: League of Conservation Voters names Rick Scott one of 2018’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ (8.30.18)

LCV: Scott wins “People’s Choice” vote for a spot on signature list of anti-environmental candidates (8.29.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Beach access battle, algae blooms may have cost Rick Scott votes (8.29.18)

WINK: ‘That’s not right’: No air quality tests amid red tide, algae in SWFL (8.29.18)

Florida Bulldog: Gov. Scott’s huge, hidden stake in Chinese company supplying maker of Brightline trains (8.29.18)

NWF Daily News: Did Walton County send Rick Scott an anti-HB 631 message? (8.29.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Beach access battle, algae blooms may have cost Rick Scott votes (8.29.18)

POLITICO: Republicans For Nelson? (8.29.18)

Tampa Bay Times: A Rick Scott tweet on transportation hits a major speed bump (8.28.18)

Washington Post: Florida’s unusually long red tide is killing wildlife, tourism and businesses (8.28.18)

Sun Sentinel: Schultz: Rick Scott campaigns on kindness, but his record gives him away (8.28.18)

Washington Times: ‘Shameless’: Bill Nelson says Rick Scott, Trump administration orchestrated drilling exemption (8.27.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick and Ann Scott’s financial trail leads to Cayman Islands tax haven (8.27.18)

Florida Politics: Democratic PAC commercial blames Rick Scott for red tides (8.27.18)

POLITICO: New ad buy blames Rick Scott for algae, red tide (8.27.18)

NBC: Toxic algae seeps into Florida’s politics ahead of the primary (8.27.18)

ABC: In Florida, the governor is running for Senate (and gets to pick his own voters) (8.26.18)

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Orlando Sentinel: Nelson blasts Scott as Puerto Ricans face loss of emergency housing in Florida (6.30.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Rick Scott’s net worth soars 56 percent to $232 million, report shows (6.30.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott had a good year. His net worth jumped by $83 millon. (6.29.18)

Gainesville Sun: Ruth-Ann Spinosa and Laura Spears: Gov. Scott leaving state’s environment in worse shape (6.29.18)

Miami Herald: ‘Millions of dollars of wasteful spending.’ A look at Gov. Scott’s post-Irma debris deals (6.29.18)

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News-Journal Editorial: State must explain disappearance of health-services programs (6.20.18)

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Politico: Trickle of Hurricane Irma relief funds ticks off county officials (6.20.18)

 News Service of Florida: Critics take aim at Medicaid change (6.20.18)

 Sun Sentinel: Scott Won’t Recall National Guard Troops on the Border to Protest Child Separation Policy (6.20.18)

The Hartford Courant Editorial Board/Miami Herald: Thank for everything, Gov. Scott. Love, Connecticut (6.20.18)

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Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s investments have included companies opposed to climate change regulations (6.19.18)

Florida Politics: Florida Democrats petition Rick Scott to acknowledge climate change harm (6.19.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Democrats press Scott on pre-existing conditions (6.18.18)

Politico: Scott “Stopped Short Of Calling For An Immediate End To the Policy…And Downplayed The Administration’s Role In Enforcing It.” (6.18.18)

Florida Politics: Bill Nelson slams Rick Scott for failure to condemn border family separation policy (6.18.18)

Politico: Democrats deride Scott for backing Trump legal fight against ACA (6.18.18)

CBS News: Hurricane Irma emergency contracts cost Florida millions, report says (6.18.18)

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Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Says Bill Nelson Has Been Around Too Long. What About Mitch Mcconnell? (6.14.18)

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New York Times: G.O.P. To Americans With Health Problems: Drop Dead (6.14.18)

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CBS Miami: Governor On Costly Debris Contracts: ‘I Would Do The Same Thing Again’ (6.13.18)

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Tampa Bay Times: Report: Rick Scott ‘Rookie Mistake’ Cost Taxpayers Tens Of Millions (6.12.18)

CBS Miami: Exclusive: Rick Scott’s ‘Rookie Mistake’ May Have Cost Taxpayers Millions (6.12.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Critics Question Rick Scott’s Record On LGBTQ Issues On Second Anniversary Of Pulse Shooting (6.12.18)

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Miami Herald: Is Gov. Scott’s Affordable-Housing Proposal For The Keys A Fix Or A Problem? (6.11.18)

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Sun Sentinel: Despite Nursing Home Deaths, 84 Percent Of South Florida Facilities Not Prepared For Hurricane Season (6.2.18)

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Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott, GOP House Leaders Cut Drug Programs, Slashing Hundreds Of Jobs (5.25.18)

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Politico: With Scott On Defense, Reports Show Florida Woes For Not Expanding Medicaid (5.22.18)

Tampa Bay Times: $385 Million Is What It Costs Florida Every Year To Deny Civil Rights For Non-Violent Felons, Report Says (5.21.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Drug And Alcohol Advocates To Rick Scott: ‘We Have Yet To Hear’ From You (5.21.18)

News Service Of Florida: Florida Unions Welcome Change, Say Gov. Rick Scott Has Been A ‘Bad Boss’ (5.19.18)

Pensacola News Journal Editorial: Gov. Scott’s Cronyism Shows Lack Of Conservative Values (5.19.18)

Tallahassee Democrat: State Worker Unions Look Forward To Future, Say Governor Rick Scott Has Been A ‘Bad Boss’ (5.18.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Nelson Sees Campaign Issue With Scott Over ‘Net Neutrality’ (5.17.18)

Tampa Bay Times Ruth: Don’t Run Government Like Rick Scott Ran His Business (5.16.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Nelson Files Financial Disclosure As Scott Waits Until Late July (5.15.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Bill Nelson Hits Rick Scott For Israel Trip As Potential Storm Threatens Florida (5.14.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Far From Florida As Storm Brews, Gov. Rick Scott Draws A Hit From Bill Nelson (5.14.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Romano: Hey Gov. Scott, Could You Hire Me, Too? (5.14.18)

Miami Herald: Editorial Why Do We Believe Hurricane Science, But Ignore The Facts About Rising Seas? (5.12.18)

Miami Herald: While Gov. Scott Focuses On His Senate Campaign, How Well Is Florida Working? (5.11.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Here Are The Resumes Of The Current And Former Division Head At Dept. Of Revenue (5.11.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Scott Sinks To New Low On Cronyism At Revenue Department (5.11.18)

Politico Florida: Top DEM Hire Has No Disaster Management Experience But Has Ties To Scott (5.11.18)

Sun-Sentinel: Backlog That Could Allow Mentally Ill Floridians To Buy Guns Emerges As Senate Campaign Issue (5.10.18)

WPTV: Report: State Agency In Florida Clearing Out Jobs For Gov. Rick Scott Employees (5.9.18)

Naples Daily: Feds: FL Inspectors Didn’t Ensure Hundreds Of Problems At Nursing Homes Corrected (5.9.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Converts Travel Aide ‘Body Man’ To Campaign Job (5.9.18)

Miami Herald: Need A Stable And High-Paying State Job? Rick Scott Loyalists Have The Inside Track (5.8.18)

Gatehouse: At Height Of Opioid Crisis, Some Florida Treatment Programs Face Deep Cuts (5.8.18)

Florida Politics: Sarasota Democrat Files Election Law Complaint Against Rick Scott (5.8.18)

Sarasota Herald Tribune: Sarasota Democrat Files Election Complaint Against Rick Scott (5.8.18)

Politifact Florida: Gov. Rick Scott Attack Mischaracterizes Vote Sen. Bill Nelson Took In 2015 (5.4.18)

Sun Sentinel: Term Limits For Congress? Voters Already Have That Power | Opinion (5.1.18)

Miami Herald : Is He An Outsider Or An Insider? Rick Scott’s Message Clashes With Florida Reality. (5.1.18)

Bay News 9: Critics Accuse Gov. Scott Of ‘Pay-To-Play Politics’ Over State Pension Fund (4.28.18)

Miami Herald’s Hiaasen: Scott’s Ad On Term Limits “Calculated Nonsense’ (4.27.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Once Eager To Tout Trump Friendship, Rick Scott Now Plays It Down (4.27.18)

Miami Herald: Scott’s Already Lost In The Weeds — Of West Virginia (4.27.18)

News Service Of Florida: Report Raises Questions About Job Growth In Florida (4.27.18)

Tallahassee Democrat: As Battle For Control Of The U.S. Senate Heats Up, Activists Assail…Scott (4.26.18)

The Gainesville Sun Editorial Board Headline: Term Limits Talk Is A Curious Aspect Of Scott Campaign (4.26.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Seeks Extension To Disclose Personal Finances (4.25.18)

Orlando Weekly: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Will Headline A Gun Raffle Next Month (4.24.18)

First Coast News: VERIFY: Can Gov. Scott Deliver On His Campaign Promise To End Term Limits? (4.23.18)

Florida Politics: Email Insights: Rick Scott’s FRS Actions ‘Unethical And Outright Illegal’ (4.20.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s Medicaid Numbers Come Under Fire (4.19.18)

Map Light: Rick Scott Super PAC Received Donations From Firms With Florida Pension Business (4.19.18)

Florida Politics Headline: The Paradox: Rick Scott Talks Outsider, Plays Insider Game. (4.19.18)

Orlando Weekly: Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s Healthcare Math Doesn’t Add Up (4.19.18)

Florida Politics: Rick Scott Says Only ‘Career Politicians’ Are Concerned With His Blind Trust (4.18.18)

Teen Vogue: Florida Governor Rick Scott Is Getting Sued By Teens For His Environmental Polices (4.18.18)

Miami Herald: Rick Scott Has Made Enemies Over Voting Rights — Now It’s An Issue In His Senate Race (4.18.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Democrats Beef Up Elections Complaint Against Rick Scott (4.17.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Kids Are Suing Gov. Rick Scott To Force Florida To Take Action On Climate Change (4.16.18)

Sun Sentinel:  Gov. Rick Scott Should Listen To Students On Climate Change | Editorial (4.16.18)

Tampa Bay Times:  Rick Scott, Cabinet Seek To Delay Court Order On Felons’ Voting Rights (4.16.18)

Orlando Weekly: Kids Are Suing Florida Gov. Rick Scott To Force Action On Climate Change (4.16.18)

Record Editorial: Gov. Scott’s Per-Pupil Spending Increases Wouldn’t Cover A Pack Of Gum (4.15.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Gov. Scott To Skip Trump Tax Event In Miami; Scott Will Be At Fundraising Events Out Of State (4.14.18)

Salon:  Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Now A Senate Candidate, Accused Of Flouting Campaign Finance Law (4.13.18)

Florida Politics: Adam Putnam Keeps Dumping On Rick Scott’s Legacy (4.12.18)

ABC Action News: St. Petersburg Mayor Joins Lawsuit Against Gov. Scott Over Gun Regulations Law (4.11.18)

Tampa Bay Times: St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman Joins Cities Suing Rick Scott Over Gun Regulations (4.11.18)

News Journal: Joe Henderson: Florida Has Heard This Before From Rick Scott (4.11.18)

Huffington Post: Rick Scott’s Early Gift From Trump Team May Create More Problems Than It’s Worth (4.11.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Federal Complaint Alleges Rick Scott’s PAC Illegally Skirted Fundraising Restrictions (4.10.18)

Sun Sentinel: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Cites The Wrong Reason Why Washington Doesn’t Work | Randy Schultz (4.10.18)

Daytona News-Journal: FEC Complaint Vs. Rick Scott Also Names Mori Hosseini (4.10.18)

Miami Herald: Three More South Florida Cities Sue Gov. Scott Over Ban On Local Gun Laws (4.10.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Ruth: Scott, ‘The Outsider’ Who Has Been Governor For Eight Years Doth Protest Too Much (4.9.18)


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