90 Days, Over 170 Bad Stories About Scott

15 days ago we shared how Rick Scott has suffered over 140 scathing stories in the first 75 days of his campaign — today’s he’s up to over 170.

From health care rate spikes to bombshell investigations revealing more handouts to his donors and cronies, with a record like this it’s no wonder Scott couldn’t win by more than 1 point in historic GOP wave elections andspent more money to get fewer votes than any other Republican. See for yourself:

*NEW* Sun Sentinel: Editorial: Gov. Rick Scott should better explain his post-Irma price gouging (7.6.18)

*NEW* GateHouse: Rick Scott’s Senate financing still mostly a mystery (7.6.18)

*NEW* TC Palm: Toxic algae blooms on Gov. Rick Scott’s shoulders, Florida Democratic leaders say (7.6.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: How Trump’s trade war could affect Florida (7.6.18)

*NEW* WTSP: SunPass Problems: State awarded contractor millions more while unprocessed tolls mounted(7.5.18)

*NEW* WTSP: Interactive Timeline: Florida’s SunPass problems (7.5.18)

*NEW* WUSFFelons In Florida Want Their Voting Rights Back Without A Hassle (7.5.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: Joe Henderson: WWRSD (What Would Rick Scott Do)? (7.4.18)

*NEW* Associated Press: Problems with concealed weapons permits in Putnam’s office first discovered in 2012(7.3.18)

*NEW* Politico: Contractor claims shady deal by chief of hurricane recovery funding (7.3.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Florida Consumer Confidence Drops Across the Board in June (7.3.18)

*NEW* News-Press: Challenge for U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson: Winning votes in ‘Trump’ counties against Rick Scott(7.2.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: Bill Nelson calls on Rick Scott to help Puerto Rican hurricane survivors avoid eviction(7.1.18)

*NEW* Orlando Sentinel: Nelson blasts Scott as Puerto Ricans face loss of emergency housing in Florida(6.30.18)

*NEW* Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Rick Scott’s net worth soars 56 percent to $232 million, report shows (6.30.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott had a good year. His net worth jumped by $83 millon. (6.29.18)

*NEW* Gainesville Sun: Ruth-Ann Spinosa and Laura Spears: Gov. Scott leaving state’s environment in worse shape (6.29.18)

*NEW* Miami Herald: ‘Millions of dollars of wasteful spending.’ A look at Gov. Scott’s post-Irma debris deals(6.29.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Counties fault Rick Scott’s staff over voting money conditions (6.29.18)

*NEW* CBS Miami: Florida Gov. Scott Rich And Getting Richer – Worth $232M (6.29.18)

*NEW* Tampa Bay Times: Playing with fire: Rick Scott, a raging inferno, and a $50,000-a-head fund-raiser(6.28.18)

*NEW* Politico: FDP wants Scott to press Trump to end fight against Obamacare pre-existing condition rule(6.28.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: Florida Democrats call on Rick Scott to stand up to Donald Trump (6.28.18)

*NEW* Orlando Weekly: Lin-Manuel Miranda wants you to call Florida Gov. Rick Scott on behalf of Puerto Rican evacuees (6.28.18)

*NEW* WSTP: Florida prisons: Who profits when former inmates fail? (6.28.18)

*NEW* Naples Daily News: Families near eviction at risk as FL budget glitch holds up $4 million in aid (6.28.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: In welcoming Hispanic leader support, Rick Scott offers mixed messages on refugees(6.27.18)

*NEW* Axios Vitals: Florida and Kentucky Insurers See Rate Hikes (6.26.18)

*NEW* WLRN: Democratic Lawmakers Criticize Gov. Rick Scott On Separation Policy (6.26.18)

*NEW* Florida Politics: NBC News/Marist poll: Bill Nelson up four points over Rick Scott in Senate race (6.26.18)

*NEW* First Coast News: Florida counties fighting new beach law by Gov. Scott (6.23.18)

*NEW* NBC 2: Rising seas threaten Florida, and there’s little action from Rick Scott or Tallahassee (6.22.18)

*NEW* Orlando Sentinel: Puerto Ricans at risk of homelessness demand Gov. Rick Scott’s help (6.22.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Congressional Democrats slam Scott’s hurricane debris removal policies (6.21.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Bill Nelson’s new digital ad takes aim at ‘Oil Slick Rick’ (6.21.18)

Florida Politics: Bill Nelson goes after Rick Scott as ‘Oil Slick Rick’ in digital ad (6.21.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Nelson hits Scott in new ad campaign, “Scott is Not for Florida” (6.21.18)

WFSU: City Commissioner Pushes Governor Rick Scott To Take A Stand In Regards To Pre-Existing Conditions(6.21.18)

WFSU: Activists Push Scott For Stance On Affordable Care Act Lawsuit (6.21.18)

Tallahassee Democrat: $98 million Medicaid cut will harm vulnerable Floridians | Opinion (6.21.18)

Sun Sentinel: Analysis: Trump immigration policy is political gift to Bill Nelson and other Democrats (6.20.18)

News-Journal Editorial: State must explain disappearance of health-services programs (6.20.18)

E&E: Rick Scott’s energy investments under scrutiny (6.20.18)

Tallahassee Democrat: Cotterell: In an election year, children are a political issue (6.20.18)

Miami Herald: Scott’s job program gave incentives to company housing detained migrant children (6.20.18)

Politico: Trickle of Hurricane Irma relief funds ticks off county officials (6.20.18)

 News Service of Florida: Critics take aim at Medicaid change (6.20.18)

 Sun Sentinel: Scott Won’t Recall National Guard Troops on the Border to Protest Child Separation Policy(6.20.18)

The Hartford Courant Editorial Board/Miami Herald: Thank for everything, Gov. Scott. Love, Connecticut(6.20.18)

Florida Politics: Gwen Graham seeks Rick Scott’s records on Florida’s federal family separation facilities(6.20.18)

WCTV: Florida Democrats demand action from Rick Scott on Homestead facility (6.19.18)

Daytona Beach News-Journal: Editorial: Investigate big donor’s prison deal (6.19.18)

Miami New Times: Scott Gave Tax Deal to Company Running Miami’s Child-Migrant Center After Fraud Settlement (6.19.18)

Palm Beach Post: Cerabino: Gov. Rick Scott crosses rhetorical border on caged children (6.19.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s investments have included companies opposed to climate change regulations(6.19.18)

Florida Politics: Florida Democrats petition Rick Scott to acknowledge climate change harm (6.19.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Democrats press Scott on pre-existing conditions (6.18.18)

Politico: Scott “Stopped Short Of Calling For An Immediate End To the Policy…And Downplayed The Administration’s Role In Enforcing It.” (6.18.18)

Florida Politics: Bill Nelson slams Rick Scott for failure to condemn border family separation policy (6.18.18)

Politico: Democrats deride Scott for backing Trump legal fight against ACA (6.18.18)

CBS News: Hurricane Irma emergency contracts cost Florida millions, report says (6.18.18)

CBS Miami: Debris Debacle: “The Governor Was Actually Doing The Price Gouging (6.17.18)

AP: Judge Sides With Environmental Groups That Sued Florida (6.17.18)

Gainesville Sun: Editorial: Fight efforts to sabotage health care (6.17.18)

LGBTQ Nation: Two years after the Pulse massacre, where is Rick Scott on LGBTQ rights? (6.16.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Editorial: Rick Scott Needs to Reign in His Rogue Transportation Department (6.15.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Scott Walks Fine Line on Trump As He Runs for Senate (6.15.18)

WUSF: Broward Teachers: Divest Our Pensions From Gun Makers (6.15.18)

The Capitolist: Pro-Bill Nelson Super PAC Raises Questions About Whether Rick Scott Can Be Trusted In Latest TV Spot (6.15.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Scott walks fine line on Trump as he runs for Senate (6.15.18)

Think Progress: This Is How Florida Makes It Nearly Impossible For Ex-Felons To Get Their Voting Rights Restored (6.15.18)

Politifact: Republican PAC Misleads In Ad About Sen. Bill Nelson’s Record On Social Security, Medicare(6.15.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Says Bill Nelson Has Been Around Too Long. What About Mitch Mcconnell?(6.14.18)

Tampa Bay Times:  Should The Public Have Confidence In Department Of Revenue? Governor And Cabinet Won’t Say (6.14.18)

The Hill: Dems Seek To Leverage Obamacare Fight For Midterms (6.14.18)

WJHG: Democrats Pushing Medicaid Expansion As Key Issue In 2018 Election (6.14.18)

CBS Miami: Broward Teachers Ask Gov. Scott To Stop Investing Pension Funds Into Gun Manufacturing(6.14.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Pre-Existing Conditions Latest Flashpoint In Nelson-Scott Battle (6.14.18)

New York Times: G.O.P. To Americans With Health Problems: Drop Dead (6.14.18)

Politico: Scott Mum On Trump’s Attack On Pre-Existing Condition Provision (6.11.18)

CBS Miami: Governor On Costly Debris Contracts: ‘I Would Do The Same Thing Again’ (6.13.18)

Florida Watchdog: Scott Launches Senate Campaign Blitz To Set Agenda Before Finance Issues Become The Issue (6.13.18)

Florida Politics: Rick Scott Talks Pot, Donald Trump (6.13.18)

Orlando Weekly: Gov. Rick Scott Won’t Talk About Florida’s Part In Obamacare Lawsuit (6.13.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Report: Rick Scott ‘Rookie Mistake’ Cost Taxpayers Tens Of Millions (6.12.18)

CBS Miami: Exclusive: Rick Scott’s ‘Rookie Mistake’ May Have Cost Taxpayers Millions (6.12.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Critics Question Rick Scott’s Record On LGBTQ Issues On Second Anniversary Of Pulse Shooting (6.12.18)

Orlando Weekly: Two Years Later, Florida Gov. Rick Scott Finally Wears A Pulse Ribbon (6.12.18)

Miami Herald: Is Gov. Scott’s Affordable-Housing Proposal For The Keys A Fix Or A Problem? (6.11.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Talks Irma Aid For Keys As Democrats Fault Him On Climate Change (6.9.18)

Palm Beach Post: Lucrative Florida Prison Health Care Contract Under Increasing Scrutiny (6.8.18)

The Blaze: FL-Sen: Major Democratic Donor Drags Rick Scott To Court One Month Before Primary Election(6.8.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Another Day, Another Delay For Smoking Medical Marijuana (6.7.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Timing Of Rick Scott’s Latest Puerto Rico Announcement Raises (6.7.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Scott Implores Nelson To Get To Work — Then Leaves Florida For Fundraising (6.6.18)

News Service Of Florida: Rick Scott’s Financial Disclosure Fight To Go Before Court (6.6.18)

Politico: Scott’s Ties To Trump Present Predicament For Senate Run (6.5.18)

Orlando Weekly:  ​Florida Is One Of The Worst Places To Live If You’re Poor, Says Study (6.5.18)

Tampa Bay Times: It’s Harder To Be Low-Income In Florida Compared To Most States (6.5.18)

USA Today: Gov. Rick Scott Woos Puerto Rico But Dividends Elusive (6.5.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Battle Rages Between Rick Scott, John Morgan Over Smokable Medical Marijuana (6.2.18)

Sun Sentinel: Despite Nursing Home Deaths, 84 Percent Of South Florida Facilities Not Prepared For Hurricane Season (6.2.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s Outsider Image As Senate Candidate Clashes With Florida Reality (6.1.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott: ‘I Don’t Know What I Would Do Differently’ In Puerto Rico (5.31.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Rick Scott: ‘I Don’t Know What I’d Do Differently’ Than Federal Government In Puerto Rico(5.31.18)

Palm Beach Post: Dem Chris King Rips Rick Scott, NRA; Touts Gun Control In New TV Ad (5.30.18)

Politico: Beruff, Jordan Give Big Boost To Scott-Aligned Committee (5.30.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Rick Scott Seeks Hispanic Votes As Trump Blasts Immigration (5.29.18)

Miami Herald: Memo To Gov. Rick Scott: A Real Floridian Doesn’t Get Hysterical Over Rain And Squalls(5.29.18)

Sun Sentinel:  Florida Is Sicker Because Of Gov Rick Scott’s Partisanship (5.29.18)

Florida Politics: Bill Nelson Says Rick Scott To Blame For ‘Florida Health Care Crisis’ (5.29.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott, GOP House Leaders Cut Drug Programs, Slashing Hundreds Of Jobs (5.25.18)

Politico: As Scott Hammers Venezuela, His Campaign Takes Contribution From Biggest Buyer Of Its Oil(5.25.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Nelson Challenges Scott To Support Anti-Drilling Legislation (5.25.18)

Miami Herald: How Does An Inexperienced 30-Year-Old Become Hurricane Chief? Win Rick Scott’s Trust.(5.25.18)

Miami Herald: Florida’s Slashed Drug Programs Will Result In Hundreds Of Layoffs (5.25.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Florida’s Early Voting Ban On Campus Challenged In Court (5.22.18)

Florida Politics: Bill Nelson Blasts Government Of Florida For Not Expanding Medicaid (5.22.18)

Politico: With Scott On Defense, Reports Show Florida Woes For Not Expanding Medicaid (5.22.18)

Tampa Bay Times: $385 Million Is What It Costs Florida Every Year To Deny Civil Rights For Non-Violent Felons, Report Says (5.21.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Drug And Alcohol Advocates To Rick Scott: ‘We Have Yet To Hear’ From You (5.21.18)

News Service Of Florida: Florida Unions Welcome Change, Say Gov. Rick Scott Has Been A ‘Bad Boss’(5.19.18)

Pensacola News Journal Editorial: Gov. Scott’s Cronyism Shows Lack Of Conservative Values (5.19.18)

Tallahassee Democrat: State Worker Unions Look Forward To Future, Say Governor Rick Scott Has Been A ‘Bad Boss’ (5.18.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Nelson Sees Campaign Issue With Scott Over ‘Net Neutrality’ (5.17.18)

Tampa Bay Times Ruth: Don’t Run Government Like Rick Scott Ran His Business (5.16.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Nelson Files Financial Disclosure As Scott Waits Until Late July (5.15.18)

Orlando Sentinel: Bill Nelson Hits Rick Scott For Israel Trip As Potential Storm Threatens Florida (5.14.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Far From Florida As Storm Brews, Gov. Rick Scott Draws A Hit From Bill Nelson (5.14.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Romano: Hey Gov. Scott, Could You Hire Me, Too? (5.14.18)

Miami Herald: Editorial Why Do We Believe Hurricane Science, But Ignore The Facts About Rising Seas?(5.12.18)

Miami Herald: While Gov. Scott Focuses On His Senate Campaign, How Well Is Florida Working? (5.11.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Here Are The Resumes Of The Current And Former Division Head At Dept. Of Revenue(5.11.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Scott Sinks To New Low On Cronyism At Revenue Department (5.11.18)

Politico Florida: Top DEM Hire Has No Disaster Management Experience But Has Ties To Scott (5.11.18)

Sun-Sentinel: Backlog That Could Allow Mentally Ill Floridians To Buy Guns Emerges As Senate Campaign Issue (5.10.18)

WPTV: Report: State Agency In Florida Clearing Out Jobs For Gov. Rick Scott Employees (5.9.18)

Naples Daily: Feds: FL Inspectors Didn’t Ensure Hundreds Of Problems At Nursing Homes Corrected (5.9.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Converts Travel Aide ‘Body Man’ To Campaign Job (5.9.18)

Miami Herald: Need A Stable And High-Paying State Job? Rick Scott Loyalists Have The Inside Track (5.8.18)

Gatehouse: At Height Of Opioid Crisis, Some Florida Treatment Programs Face Deep Cuts (5.8.18)

Florida Politics: Sarasota Democrat Files Election Law Complaint Against Rick Scott (5.8.18)

Sarasota Herald Tribune: Sarasota Democrat Files Election Complaint Against Rick Scott (5.8.18)

Politifact Florida: Gov. Rick Scott Attack Mischaracterizes Vote Sen. Bill Nelson Took In 2015 (5.4.18)

Sun Sentinel: Term Limits For Congress? Voters Already Have That Power | Opinion (5.1.18)

Miami Herald : Is He An Outsider Or An Insider? Rick Scott’s Message Clashes With Florida Reality. (5.1.18)

Bay News 9: Critics Accuse Gov. Scott Of ‘Pay-To-Play Politics’ Over State Pension Fund (4.28.18)

Miami Herald’s Hiaasen: Scott’s Ad On Term Limits “Calculated Nonsense’ (4.27.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Once Eager To Tout Trump Friendship, Rick Scott Now Plays It Down (4.27.18)

Miami Herald: Scott’s Already Lost In The Weeds — Of West Virginia (4.27.18)

News Service Of Florida: Report Raises Questions About Job Growth In Florida (4.27.18)

Tallahassee Democrat: As Battle For Control Of The U.S. Senate Heats Up, Activists Assail…Scott (4.26.18)

The Gainesville Sun Editorial Board Headline: Term Limits Talk Is A Curious Aspect Of Scott Campaign (4.26.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott Seeks Extension To Disclose Personal Finances (4.25.18)

Orlando Weekly: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Will Headline A Gun Raffle Next Month (4.24.18)

First Coast News: VERIFY: Can Gov. Scott Deliver On His Campaign Promise To End Term Limits? (4.23.18)

Florida Politics: Email Insights: Rick Scott’s FRS Actions ‘Unethical And Outright Illegal’ (4.20.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s Medicaid Numbers Come Under Fire (4.19.18)

Map Light: Rick Scott Super PAC Received Donations From Firms With Florida Pension Business (4.19.18)

Florida Politics Headline: The Paradox: Rick Scott Talks Outsider, Plays Insider Game. (4.19.18)

Orlando Weekly: Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s Healthcare Math Doesn’t Add Up (4.19.18)

Florida Politics: Rick Scott Says Only ‘Career Politicians’ Are Concerned With His Blind Trust (4.18.18)

Teen Vogue: Florida Governor Rick Scott Is Getting Sued By Teens For His Environmental Polices (4.18.18)

Miami Herald: Rick Scott Has Made Enemies Over Voting Rights — Now It’s An Issue In His Senate Race(4.18.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Democrats Beef Up Elections Complaint Against Rick Scott (4.17.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Kids Are Suing Gov. Rick Scott To Force Florida To Take Action On Climate Change (4.16.18)

Sun Sentinel:  Gov. Rick Scott Should Listen To Students On Climate Change | Editorial (4.16.18)

Tampa Bay Times:  Rick Scott, Cabinet Seek To Delay Court Order On Felons’ Voting Rights (4.16.18)

Orlando Weekly: Kids Are Suing Florida Gov. Rick Scott To Force Action On Climate Change (4.16.18)

Record Editorial: Gov. Scott’s Per-Pupil Spending Increases Wouldn’t Cover A Pack Of Gum (4.15.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Gov. Scott To Skip Trump Tax Event In Miami; Scott Will Be At Fundraising Events Out Of State (4.14.18)

Salon:  Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Now A Senate Candidate, Accused Of Flouting Campaign Finance Law(4.13.18)

Florida Politics: Adam Putnam Keeps Dumping On Rick Scott’s Legacy (4.12.18)

ABC Action News: St. Petersburg Mayor Joins Lawsuit Against Gov. Scott Over Gun Regulations Law (4.11.18)

Tampa Bay Times: St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman Joins Cities Suing Rick Scott Over Gun Regulations(4.11.18)

News Journal: Joe Henderson: Florida Has Heard This Before From Rick Scott (4.11.18)

Huffington Post: Rick Scott’s Early Gift From Trump Team May Create More Problems Than It’s Worth (4.11.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Federal Complaint Alleges Rick Scott’s PAC Illegally Skirted Fundraising Restrictions(4.10.18)

Sun Sentinel: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Cites The Wrong Reason Why Washington Doesn’t Work | Randy Schultz(4.10.18)

Daytona News-Journal: FEC Complaint Vs. Rick Scott Also Names Mori Hosseini (4.10.18)

Miami Herald: Three More South Florida Cities Sue Gov. Scott Over Ban On Local Gun Laws (4.10.18)

Tampa Bay Times: Ruth: Scott, ‘The Outsider’ Who Has Been Governor For Eight Years Doth Protest Too Much(4.9.18)


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