Ayotte Brings Senators Who Voted Against Heroin Emergency Funding to Stump for her in New Hampshire, Cannot Answer for Their Obstruction

Yesterday, Kelly Ayotte flew in some campaign help to New Hampshire: Senators Joni Ernst and Shelley Moore Capito, two Senators who just the day before voted against emergency funding to combat the substance abuse crisis that is devastating New Hampshire and communities across the nation.

When asked by NH1 News about her colleagues’ votes to block $600 million in emergency funding, Ayotte could not answer for their obstruction and said she hadn’t realized that they voted against the emergency measure:

Ayotte spoke with NH1 News one day after the Senate rejected an attempt by Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire’s Democratic senator, to add $600 million to an overall bipartisan bill co-sponsored by Ayotte. Ernst and Capito voted against the amendment.

Asked about the vote, Ayotte said “I don’t know how they voted on the amendment but I will tell you they have been supportive of the overall bill.”


Ernst And Capito Voted Against The Shaheen Amendment That Would Have Provided $600 Million In Emergency Funding To Help Fight The Heroin And Opioid Crisis. In February 2016, Ernst and Capito voted against a Shaheen-sponsored amendment that would have immediately provided $600 million for state and local law enforcement and substance abuse treatment and prevention programs. [Vote 30, 3/2/16; Huffington Post, 3/2/16; The Hill, 3/2/16; Roll Call, 3/2/16; Washington Times, 3/2/16]

·       Headline: Senate Republicans Block $600 Million In Emergency Funding To Fight Heroin, Opioid Epidemic. [Huffington Post, 3/2/16]

·       Headline: Senate GOP Blocks Emergency Funding For Opioid Epidemic. [The Hill, 3/2/16]

·       Headline: Republicans Kill $600 Million In Emergency Funds To Fight Opioid Crisis. [Roll Call, 3/2/16]

·       Headline: Senate GOP Thwarts Bid To Add $600 Million For Opioid Crisis. [Washington Times, 3/2/16]

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