Backlash Growing Against Rick Scott’s Self-Serving Politics

Parkland students, gun safety advocates call out Scott for putting his self-serving political agenda over Florida’s safety

Rick Scott’s spinning on Sunday shows this morning, but in Florida the backlash against him is continuing to grow as Parkland students, editorials and gun safety advocates keep calling him out for his self-serving politics that have made Floridians less safe from gun violence.

Here’s a sample of the criticism Scott’s rightfully earning during just the last 48 hours:

From The Sun Sentinel: Editorial: Gov. Rick Scott, President Trump wrong on shooting responses. “After Sandy Hook, Pulse, the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting or any other mass shooting, Scott did nothing on guns or school safety. Now he faces a likely Senate campaign and an angry electorate. His responses…skirt the main problem. And in November, an angry electorate will remember.”

From The Wall Street Journal: “Pamela Goodman, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida, called Mr. Scott’s proposals ‘woefully inadequate.’”

From WMNF: “Gun safety advocates slam most plans by Rick Scott & Florida Legislature.”

From Parkland Survivor David Hogg: “Because the fact that Marco Rubio showed up at that townhall with CNN is amazing to me and I respect him so much for that. But the fact that our governor, Rick Scott, didn’t screams volumes […] The thing that I hate most about this situation is that it’s being politicized by a lot the politicians. Rick Scott is trying to make a move for the Senate, if you notice a lot of these gun legislation and reforms he’s trying to implement go into place next year, right around his election. Is that any coincidence and the fact that he’s calling out Bill Nelson…I think it’s not.”

And here’s what Parkland and Pulse shooting survivors, newspapers, editorials and columnists are saying about Scott’s over the last week:

From The Miami Herald: “Gov. Rick Scott has become a favorite of the Florida gun lobby during the past seven years by lifting restrictions on guns, preventing doctors from asking patients about their weapons, opposing stricter background checks and cutting the cost of getting a concealed weapon license…Scott has consistently opposed longer waiting periods for gun purchases.”

From The Washington Examiner: “Scott was heavily booed Wednesday night for refusing to show up at a live, televised town hall on guns hosted by CNN.”

From The Tampa Bay Times: “A 2011 law, signed by Gov. Rick Scott, that allows Florida’s governor to remove an elected official who violates the ban on local firearms rules and impose a $5,000 fine, essentially stripping cities of the ability to regulate guns.”

From Politifact: “Rick Scott made it illegal for doctors to talk to patients about guns”

From Parkland student Cameron Kasky:  “@marcorubio came and took it like a champ and was respectful and kind. @FLGovScott don’t think you can avoid the issue. Don’t think you can avoid #NEVExRAGAIN and the #MarchForOurLives Hide behind your money but know that we are demanding answers and change NOW. We’ll get both.”

From Parkland student Chris Grady: “I would just like to thank you again for coming out and listening to us because that’s a lot more than can be said for our so-called President and Governor.”

From Parkland student Cameron Kasky: “It is my astute belief that the blood of those 17 people is on Rick Scott’s hands”

From Pulse shooting survivor Brandon Wolf: “@FLGovScott ‘s playbook is tired and useless. We need new voices. And real change.”

From The Orlando Sentinel: Pulse survivor to Scott, GOP: ‘Do your job or get out of our way.’ “Dear Gov. Scott and the GOP: Our patience has come to an end. Almost two years ago, I witnessed hell…Republicans and their cowardice have failed us.”

From The Sun Sentinel’s O’Hara: “Gov. Scott owns this massacre. He has blood on his hands. During his eight years in office, he has signed not one bill — or used his bully pulpit to push one measure — to address gun safety.”

From The Tampa Bay Times’ Ruth: “In 2016, Scott and the Legislature had an opportunity to make Florida safer in the wake of the Pulse nightclub shootings […] So they did … nothing.”

From The Sun Sentinel’s Schultz: “Even on mental health, Scott has no standing. As of 2014, according to the nonpartisan Florida Policy Institute, the state’s per capita spending on mental health services ranked last — $36.05. The national average was $129.05. Maine ranked first at $362.75.”

From The Sun Sentinel Editorial: On public safety, Florida Republicans get an F: “Rather than face the problem head-on, the governor and legislative leaders seek to pivot our attention…To best honor those who’ve died, let us remember them in November.”

From Congresswoman Gifford’s Gun Safety Organization: “Governor Rick Scott refuses to support the most basic, common sense, gun violence prevention policies…Voters are growing increasingly frustrated with their elected officials, and Rick Scott’s record of failing Floridians on safety won’t be forgotten when they head to the polls in November.”

From The Florida Bulldog: “Gov. Scott skirted Russia sanctions to offer tax breaks to maker of AK-47 assault rifle”


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