DSCC Announces New Communications Director

The DSCC today announced that Sadie Weiner has been promoted to fill the role of Communications Director effective next Thursday, October 8. Weiner, who currently serves as the DSCC National Press Secretary, is a veteran of multiple Senate campaigns in key battleground states.

Weiner joined the DSCC in January after serving as Communications Director for Kay Hagan’s 2014 re-election campaign that was widely touted as one of the best-run campaigns of the year. Prior to that Weiner served in the same role in Hagan’s official Senate office. Weiner also worked in the press departments for the successful re-elections of Senator Sherrod Brown (2012) and Senator Patty Murray (2010) as well as Kay Hagan’s historic 2008 election to the Senate.

“Sadie is a veteran of some of the toughest Senate races in recent history, and her knowledge of the Senate campaign playing field is unmatched,” said Tom Lopach, DSCC Executive Director. “For almost a year now Sadie has been a key member of our senior staff, helping our campaigns navigate complex media landscapes and moving the ball forward as we seek to regain the majority, and we are thrilled to have her move into this new role at the DSCC.”

“It is an honor to continue my work at the DSCC in this new capacity,” said Weiner. “I am tremendously proud of the work we have done so far this cycle, and I look forward to building on our early successes in states across the country. It is an exciting time to be at the DSCC as we are poised to win back the majority in 2016.”

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