2017: THE YEAR OF THE REPUBLICAN RECRUITMENT FAILURE. Few things went according to plan for Republicans this year, and that’s certainly the story of their candidate recruitment. (Read more about it hereherehereherehere and here.) How can it get worse? This morning, McConnell floated candidates who have stumbled all year. If they do decide to run, they’ll carry his kiss of death.

  • Kevin Cramer, whose weekly gaffes prompted “top Republicans” to plant a CNN story against him saying “don’t run;”
  • Martha McSally, who hasn’t formally announced, but is swiftly running to embrace Trump ahead of a primary challenge Kelli Ward, who Republicans have called crazy;
  • Rick Scott, who the NRSC is courting because of his personal wealth, will have to defend a terrible record as Governor. For example: 36 of the state’s 67 counties have lost jobs since 2007.

“REPUBLICANS WARN OF 2018 BLOODBATH” AS GOP CIVIL WAR RAGES ON. Politico reports this morning of “widespread concern” among Republican heading into 2018. Alongside their recruitment failures, the feud between the McConnell political industrial complex and Steve Bannon’s self-proclaimed ‘League of Extraordinary Candidates’ will continue to elevate candidates like Roy Moore in Alabama. As Chairman Van Hollen noted on ABC’s This Week: “You’ve got this civil war in these Republican primaries. They flock toward Donald Trump in the primaries. That’s not going to be a winning message for them in the general.”

THE GOP TAX SCAM IN 6 SECONDS. “In just six seconds, the new ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee previews an attack that will have millions of dollars behind it in 2018.” That’s what the Washington Post had to say about the DSCC’s latest ad – a six-second, non-skippable YouTube version of “Mailbox,” which features an individual learning how the Republican tax plan will increase their taxes in order to benefit the wealthy. The ads are running in Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada as part of an ongoing six-figure digital buy to hold Republicans accountable following the passage of their tax scam.

WATCH the ad:

This bill is immensely unpopular and it will drag down Republican Senate candidates across the country. Don’t take it from us:

Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll: “The Republican tax-cut bill has grown more unpopular in the two months it has taken to usher it through Congress, and few people believe it will provide relief for middle-class families.”

Quinnipiac: 43 percent of Americans are less likely to vote for a lawmaker who supported the GOP’s plan.

CNN: “Opposition to the bill has grown 10 points since early November, and 55% now oppose it… Two-thirds see the bill as doing more to benefit the wealthy than the middle class… and almost four in 10 (37%) say that if the bill becomes law, their own family will be worse off.”


PA – Philadelphia Inquirer

AZ – Arizona Daily Star

FL – Florida Times-Union: Poor grades overall for the new tax bill. “The Republican-led Congress was so eager to pass anything that it rushed into voting for a tax bill that has major flaws.”

OH – Youngstown Vindicator

MO – St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Editorial: The tax-cut bill has passed. Next up: cutting the safety net. “It’s not the tax reform that Trump promised. The package is full of loopholes and gimmicks that crafty tax lawyers can exploit. Despite the president’s claims, this is not the largest tax cut in history. Most of it will not benefit the middle class very long… Ultimately [the wealthy’s tax break] will be paid for by the poor, the elderly, the sick and disabled. Some achievement.”

OH – Columbus Dispatch

WV – Charleston Gazette-Mail: Editorial: Long-term harm outweighs possible benefits of tax bill. “Republicans say Americans have a poor opinion of the current tax bill because they view it as a giveaway to the rich. Well, truth hurts… This entire page could be filled with ways that the Republican tax bill is bad for the United States. Republicans don’t care. Their rich donors want it, and they’re going to get it. Next year, voters should remember.”

HELLER TWISTS IN THE WIND ON SUPPORT FOR MCCONNELL. On conservative talk radio yesterday, Heller tried to walk back his support for the Majority Leader, who he praised as recently as August. What’s changed? Looks like Heller’s finally gotten word that McConnell is an albatross – especially in a primary. It’s the latest flip for the most vulnerable incumbent in the country whose deft political skills continue to widen Danny Tarkanian’s path to the GOP nomination.

ANOTHER OHIO REPUBLICAN ENDORSES AGAINST MANDEL. Josh Mandel’s primary opponent Mike Gibbons raked in another endorsement. The Republican state senator cited his belief that Mandel cannot beat Senator Brown in the general election next year: “Josh didn’t fare well in the last race and I don’t think the outcome would be much different this time.” This isn’t the first, or second, or third time Ohio Republicans have made their disdain for Mandel public. A quick refresher:
Columbus Dispatch: Editorial: Mandel earned GOP smackdown Things are still chilly between John Kasich and Josh Mandel
Columbus Dispatch: Newcomer Gibbons upsets Mandel for Franklin County GOP nod

DSCC OUTRAISES NRSC FOR 8TH CONSECUTIVE MONTH. The DSCC outraised the NRSC, bringing $4.1 million in November – nearly double what the NRSC reported – and ended the month with $17.5 million on hand. This is the eighth consecutive month the DSCC outraised the NRSC, which spent more than it raised for the fifth month in a row.

AL – Doug Jones urges Congress to renew CHIP funding affecting 150K Alabama children
MO – Fulton Sun: McCaskill taking constituent concerns to Washington
(MORE) MO – Fox 2 Now: Sen. Claire McCaskill hosts 50th town hall meeting of 2017
MT – Billings Gazette: Tester takes VA to task for hiring former Billings doctor with history of malpractice claims
(MORE) MT – MTPR: Senate Bill Would Fund Chronic Wasting Disease Research
ND – WDAZ: Sen. Heitkamp introduces bill to help shelter victims of domestic violence
OH – WOSU: Sen. Sherrod Brown Announces Plan To Rescue Union Pension Funds
(MORE) OH – Dayton Daily News: Sen. Brown wants to use high-tech to stop fentanyl at U.S. border
PA – Tribe Live: Bipartisan group joins Sen. Casey in plea for opioid treatment funds
TN – Knox News: Phil Bredesen took control of TennCare, voters approved
WI – Milwaukee Independent: Senator Baldwin Joins Fight To Restore Fcc’s Net Neutrality Rules


Happy holidays! We’ll see you in 2018.

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