GOP SETS ITS TOXIC HEALTH CARE PLATFORM. There’s no way around it: this bill is a disaster for Republicans on the campaign trail. Every Republican Senate candidate will have to defend a platform that guts coverage for pre-existing conditions and threatens standards for employer-provided coverage – or “about half of the country.” Not to mention the age tax, higher premiums for families, and the problems this creates for women. Hope that cart of Bud Light was at maximum drinkability, fellas, because it was the last happy toast you’ll make until after the midterms at least.

Think the Senate will make it better? Don’t be fooled. Axios reported earlier this week that the Senates’ “changes are not as vast as some may think.” And, they’re not off to a great start: Not a single woman is a part of the Senate healthcare working group. Like their House colleagues, Senate Republicans have voted to repeal the ACA before and are ready to jeopardize coverage for pre-existing conditions and increase costs for working Americans to give big insurance companies another handout.

CHEAT SHEET: EVERY HOUSE REPUBLICAN EYEING A SENATE RUN BROKE A PROMISE. The House Republicans named as potential Senate challengers have all broken their promise to protect pre-existing conditions. Here’s our handy cheat sheet of what they said before voting for the AHCA, allowing states to do away with this essential coverage. We’ll make sure voters remember this next fall.  

DSCC 6-SECOND ADS TARGET HELLER, FLAKE. The moment the House bill passed, the DSCC launched “bumper” ads – a non-skippable format that targets YouTube viewers in Nevada and Arizona. From HuffPo: How easy is it to hammer them? It takes the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee just six seconds to do it. WATCH… 

“What Will the Republican Healthcare Plan Cost You?”

We’re not holding back – and this “forceful and people-focused response that began within minutes of the vote” – is just a preview of what’s to come.

COAL STATE DEMS GET MINER HEALTH BENEFITS. Democrats secured permanent healthcare benefits for 22,000 retired miners and their families – fulfilling a promise to constituents in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Montana, and West Virginia.
Politico: Red-state Dems scrape out wins in Trump era
USA Today: For coal miner’s widow, spending bill brings ‘big relief’
Columbus Dispatch (OH): Coal miners getting health-care coverage under federal spending bill
Allentown Morning Call (PA): Spending bill helps retired coal miners
Beaver County Times (PA): Casey says continuing resolution secures funding for coal miners’ health-carebenefits
WITF(PA): Pa’s senior U.S. senator applauds spending plan for saving miners’ health care
Greene County Observer-Reporter(PA): Health care fix for miners included in Congressional spending bill
Martins Ferry Times Leader (WV): Deal saves retired miners’ benefits
WDTV 5 (WV): UMWA hails vote to pass permanent health care funding for 22,600 retirees, widows
Logan Banner (WV): Manchin: Deal reached for miners’ healthcare
Huntington Herald-Dispatch (WV): Lawmakers: Budget deal fixes retired miner health benefits
WSAZ 3 (WV): West Virginia lawmakers cite fix for retired miner benefits
Charleston Mail-Gazette (WV): Sen. Joe Manchin: Hard work secures vote on Miners Protection Act

ISN’T IT IRONIC: SCOTT AD ABOUT FL JOBS FILMED IN D.C. As Rick Scott travels the state to make the case for his taxpayer-funded slush fund, WFTV reported the ad he shot promoting Florida jobs wasn’t filmed in Florida. Filming the ad in state could have cost $10,000 – $60,000 and employed up to 15 people, but Scott chose to shoot it in Washington, D.C. From the report: “the governor doesn’t practice what he preaches… He could have selected someone in our state to create that ad, but instead he took the work out of state.”

#FlashbackFriday: This isn’t the first time Scott has done what’s in his best interest at the expense of hardworking Floridians. Scott has been pushing for Obamacare repeal for years, but what Floridians don’t know is that he would see “a windfall tax cut of anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000” from repeal.

POLITIFACT FINDS LATEST BILLIONAIRE ATTACK ON BALDWIN FALSE. A dark money group went on air last week, attacking Senator Baldwin for being responsible for the deaths of three veterans at a local VA hospital, which Politifact has rated ‘FALSE.’ No wonder some stations already took down the ad.

MANDEL MINUTE – COLUMBUS DISPATCH CALLS HIM “EMBARRASSING.” Another week, another “smackdown” for Mandel. The Columbus Dispatch editorialized today on his taxpayer-funded ad spending: “It’s embarrassing when a state officeholder has to be stopped from abusing taxpayer funds with a measure inserted into state law, by his leaders of his own political party, in a public smackdown.” They also said this:

As state treasurer, Mandel is supposed to be safeguarding the use of Ohioans’ hard-earned money, not using it to get himself elected to a higher office… Having to be reined in by his own party leadership for another case of opportunism doesn’t bode well for his upcoming race against Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown who, no matter whether one agrees with his politics, has shown a moral core.”

There’s also these:
The Courier: PSA loophole needs closed Josh Mandel’s taxpayer-funded ad campaign targeted in state budget bill
Columbus Dispatch: Little-known board gets power over governor in House-passed budget
Associated Press: Kasich hints he may not support Mandel

And then this, also from the Dispatch.


IN – KPC News: Sen. Donnelly ranks high on Bipartisan Index
MORE IN – The Herald Bulletin: Editorial: Donnelly, Brooks set the pace for bipartisanship
FL – Saint Peters Blog: Bill Nelson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz vow bipartisan opposition to drilling
MI – UP Matters: Stabenow joins group of 19 Senators calling on Rep. leaders to focus on funding for opioid crisis
MN – Kenyon Leader: Klobuchar Outlines Minnesota Priorities to Combat Opioid Crisis
MT – Washington Post: Jon Tester could teach Democrats a lot about rural America — if he can keep his Senate seat
MORE MT – Billings Gazette: Tester given national award for continuing education work
ND – The Dickerson Press: Heitkamp picks up endorsement from End Citizens United
OH – Toledo Blade: Sherrod Brown sends Trump a plan to renegotiate NAFTA
PA – Politico: Casey blasts Trump administration over child deportation
MORE PA – CBS Philly: Senator Casey: Pregnant Women In Workplace Should Get Same Protections As Americans With Disabilities Act
WV – CNN: Manchin charts own path in Trump-era West Virginia


This week’s Tweet of the Week goes to Cecile Richards for telling it like it is.



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