GRAHAM-CASSIDY-HELLER: “JUST AS UNPOPULAR AS PREVIOUS EFFORTS” & JUST AS DISASTROUS. Republicans’ attempts to revive their toxic health care bill have reached new lows – the bill includes “almost every divisive proposal that doomed previous bills,” and a new poll found that their proposal has a mere 24 percent approval rating. Here’s the latest facts you need to know about why Graham-Cassidy-Heller is so unpopular:

It’s no wonder major patient and health advocacy organizations, including the American Medical Association, AARP, the American Cancer Society Action Network, the American Heart Association, the American Health Insurance Plans, the National Association of Medicaid Directors, and others have all opposed the bill. It’s also wildly unpopular with voters of every political persuasion, and if Republicans continue pushing forward with this toxic bill, voters will hold every GOP Senate candidate accountable in 2018.

DSCC LAUNCHES ADS HIGHLIGHTING HOW GOP HEALTH CARE FAILS THE JIMMY KIMMEL TEST. As first reported by Business Insider, the DSCC launched Google search ads this week highlighting how the GOP’s health care plan fails “The Jimmy Kimmel Test” by gutting coverage for pre-existing conditions and making health care more expensive for hardworking Americans. The DSCC is capitalizing on the recent uptick in Google searches of terms like “Jimmy Kimmel,” “The Jimmy Kimmel Test,” “health care,” and “repeal,” following Kimmel’s impassioned monologue on health care. The ads direct users to the DSCC’s health care spot, “The Price” and will reach voters in Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Indiana, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. An example of the ad is below.


EVEN GOP SENATORS CAN’T DEFEND THEIR PLAN. Check out this clip of Senator Flake admitting that Graham-Cassidy-Heller will leave some of his constituents “worse off,” and this clip of him saying that, if a Senator “want[s] to be re-elected, then certainly you’re gonna care for who has insurance and who doesn’t.” Flake’s answers seem about as coherent as the “odd political calculus” he’s employed as he gears up for 2018.

NV GOV. SANDOVAL SLAMS HELLER’S BILL. Senator Heller couldn’t even convince the Governor of his state to support his disastrous health care plan. Governor Sandoval came out against the bill this week, saying Heller is sponsoring a “false choice” by promising states that they’d be better off under his legislation. This comes after a rough few months for Heller – CNN highlighted how he’s been “dogged by [a] summer of reversals on health care” as he attempts to pander to all sides ahead of his reelection. 

GOP PRIMARY INFIGHTING UPDATE: THEY’RE STILL AT IT. The Alabama Republican run-off on Tuesday, which has been dominated by Republican infighting, highlights a key theme playing out across the Senate map: fractures within the party are leading to divisive and expensive primaries. No matter Tuesday’s outcome, the GOP’s broken promises and infighting are sure to continue driving key Senate races across the country.

Columbus Dispatch: Feuding GOP controls government, but can’t push agenda.

  • “Less than a year after Republicans won the White House and maintained control of Congress, party unity has dissolved into a vitriolic dispute among populist supporters of President Donald Trump, staunch House GOP conservatives, and more traditional Republicans.”
  • The take-no-prisoners ferocity of this intraparty feud is hampering Republicans’ hopes to overhaul the tax code, but also threatens the survival of many GOP candidates in next year’s congressional elections.
  • ‘The Republicans have been promising action for years now and are in a position to get things done and they cannot agree,’ said Nathan Gonzales, a congressional analyst for the nonpartisan Inside Elections in Washington.’… ‘The registered Republican voter across the country believes that the Congress and Washington have done almost nothing,’ said Barry Bennett, a Republican consultant who served as a senior adviser to Trump’s campaign. ‘They’re beginning to believe they are incapable of solving these problems. So it’s hardly surprising that it could be a tough election for incumbents.’”

Washington Post: Establishment gears up for Steve Bannon’s war on the GOP leadership.

  • Deep-pocketed supporters of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and other GOP leaders have resolved to fight a protracted battle over the next year for the soul of the party in congressional primaries. ‘It’s shaping up to be McConnell, the Senate Leadership Fund and the Chamber against Bannon,’ said Scott Reed, the senior political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.”
  • In many ways, the coming 2018 contests will be a rematch of high-stakes primary fights that have taken place every two years since the 2008 election, when self-branded tea party challengers began trying to unseat incumbent Republicans. Flake and Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.), who both face reelection next year, expect populist primary challenges this year. Several primary contests will be for seats with no Republican incumbent, such as those in Michigan, Montana and possibly Utah, where party insiders worry that the more anti-establishment candidates could jeopardize Republicans’ general-election hopes.”

RICK SCOTT’S NURSING HOME SCANDAL ESCALATING. CBS Miami revealed that nursing home administrators called Governor Rick Scott’s cell phone three times asking for immediate assistance in the hours before the tragic deaths of eight senior citizens – and their calls for help went unanswered. Since then the scandal has only intensified – multiple outlets like Bay News 9The Miami Herald, and The News Herald have detailed Scott’s long record of slashing protections for seniors. The latest developments come from The Miami Herald, which details how multiple additional nursing homes called Scott’s cell and failed to receive help; and how Scott attempted to hide details of nursing home inspection reports – a move advocates call “a favor to the industry by the Scott administration.”

** Fun weekend read: this profile of Bill Nelson: Senator, astronaut, life-long Floridian, avid runner **

HAWLEY FAILS TO CLEAR THE FIELD IN #MOSEN. Yet another Missouri Republican is contemplating a run for U.S. Senate, further evidence that Josh Hawley’s political wafflingladder-climbing, and legal troubles have failed to unite Republicans. That hasn’t stopped the special interests behind his candidacy from warning potential challengers to “treat Hawley with kid gloves.”

**NEW THIS AM:** DSCC RAISES $3.5M. The DSCC raised $3.5 million in August, and has $17.3 million cash-on-hand. In a clear showing of our grassroots support, we outraised the NRSC for the 5th month in a row!

FL – Tampa Bay Times: Bill Nelson files bill to create HHS committee on seniors in disasters
MI – WWMT: Sen. Stabenow introduces bipartisan children’s health insurance bill
MO – News tribune: McCaskill seeks Postal Service answers
MT – Billings Gazette: Tester wants firings after postal workers accused of delaying mail delivery
(MORE) MT – Billings Gazette: Gazette opinion: We agree with Tester on stamping out slow delivery
ND – Valley News: Sen. Heitkamp introduces new bill for first responders
OH – Advance Ohio: Sen. Sherrod Brown weighs in on Indians’ winning streak
(MORE) OH – Columbus Dispatch: Sherrod Brown pitches federal money for school construction
WV – Charleston Gazette-Mail: Joe Manchin: WV delegation must not support mine safety cuts (Gazette)
(MORE) WV – The Register-Herald: Manchin honored for fight against opioid epidemic 

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