DSCC Launches NEW Digital Ads in Wake of Alabama Senate Election: “They Did Nothing”

Digital Ads Hold Republicans Accountable for Refusing to Stand Up to Moore

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee today is launching new digital ads, “They Did Nothing,” to make sure voters know Republican Senate candidates refused to stand up to Roy Moore – a candidate who has assaulted and harassed young women in their teens, wrote a course on why women shouldn’t run for public office, and thinks repealing Constitutional Amendments that gave women the right to vote and abolished slavery would “eliminate many problems.” The ads will run immediately in Arizona, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania as part of an ongoing six-figure digital buy.

From Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Communications Director, Lauren Passalacqua: “Republican Senate candidates were wrong to do nothing in the face of Roy Moore’s candidacy and his dangerous, out-of-touch record. Unlike Republicans like John McCain and Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, these candidates put political expediency and the interests of their party ahead of what’s right, and voters deserve an explanation. The DSCC will make sure voters don’t forget it.”

An example of the ad is below:


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