DSCC Launches Radio Ads On Heller, Flake Ahead of Health Care Vote

Spots highlight Heller and Flake’s long record of voting to increase costs and strip coverage

As the Senate prepares for a vote on the Republican’s toxic health care agenda, today the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is launching radio ads highlighting Senators Heller (NV) and Flake (AZ) and their long records of voting to spike health care costs and strip coverage from hard working families.

Starting today the spots will reach tens of thousands of targeted voters in Nevada and Arizona who comprise key elements of the midterm electorate — including persuadable voters, seniors and women – through Pandora radio.

“For years, Senators Heller and Flake have worked to dismantle health care, driving up costs and stripping away coverage from Americans in order to give tax breaks to the insurance companies and the wealthiest few,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “Now, the stakes couldn’t be higher but voters can’t trust Senators Heller and Flake to protect them from the expensive, damaging consequences of the GOP’s health care agenda. Senators Heller and Flake are doing what they’ve always done: weighing their own political interests first –  but their constituents are ready to hold them accountable in 2018.”

Listen to the Nevada spot, “Career.”
Jon Ralston: The bottom line for Heller is he has put himself in a terrible position… He has always talked about repealing Obamacare.
Announcer: Senator Heller voted twenty times to dismantle health care… which would cause your insurance to skyrocket – doubling the cost of premiums.
Announcer: Now instead of trying to save our healthcare – Heller’s trying to save his political career.
Announcer: Tell Senator Heller to stop dismantling our health care.
Announcer: Paid for by DSCC,, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. 

Listen to the Arizona spot, “Washington Story.”
Announcer: It’s a sad Washington story. The latest — Senator Flake.
Announcer: The Arizona Republic called Flake “a politician willing to trade sick people for votes.”
Announcer: Flake voted over twenty times to dismantle health care – which would cause your insurance costs to skyrocket.
Announcer: A 25 percent increase on premiums now, then doubling them in ten years.
Announcer: Tell Senator Flake to stop dismantling our health care.
Announcer: Paid for by DSCC,, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

The DSCC is working aggressively to hold Republican Senate candidates accountable for their toxic health care plan. In March, the DSCC first launched its 30 second health care spot, “The Price,” — described as a “gut punch of an ad” by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow — alongside a health care website. Since then, the DSCC has released Google search advertisements; 6-second non-skippable Youtube bumper ads in 9 states; full-screen Google takeover ads against Sens. Heller (NV), Flake (AZ), Cruz (TX) and Gov. Scott (FL); and most recently geo-targeted Google search and display ads around 4th of July parades and events. The DSCC is the first campaign committee to utilize Google’s innovative bumper and full-screen takeover ad formats this cycle.


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