DSCC Statement on GOP Caving to Political Pressure on Emergency Declaration

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee communications director Lauren Passalacqua issued the following statement:

“The vote today reveals how self-interested and vulnerable Republican incumbents are even at this early stage of the cycle. When you care more about standing by the White House than standing up for your own state, you’ve lost your way. Senators like Cory Gardner, Thom Tillis and Martha McSally have given voters another reason to show them the door.”

And here’s what they’re saying in battleground Senate states across the country:

(AZ) The Arizona Republic HEADLINE: Martha McSally’s support for Trump’s national emergency could sink her in 2020

(AZ) The Arizona Republic HEADLINE: Here Are The 2 Luke Air Force Base Projects That Could Be At Risk Under Trump’s Border Emergency.

(AZ) Cronkite News HEADLINE: Luke AFB F-35 Facility Funds Could Be Tapped For Border Wall Emergency.

(AK) Alaska Public Media HEADLINE: Trump’s Wall Could Drain Money From Alaska Military Projects.

(CO) The Denver Channel HEADLINE: Fort Carson Could Potentially Lose $100M Meant For Construction Due To Trump’s Emergency Declaration.

(CO) CBS 4: “It could impact about $100 million earmarked for a training center, vehicle maintenance shop and mountaineering facility at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.”

(GA) Savannah Morning News Editorial HEADLINE: Senate Must Take Stand On National Emergency Declaration To Protect Powers.

(GA) The Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Trump could divert money from military construction projects worth nearly $15.7 billion across the globe, including more than $234 million in Georgia.”

(IA) Sioux City Journal Editorial HEADLINE: Declaration of national emergency was ill-advised.

(KY) The Courier-Journal, HEADLINE: Trump’s national emergency may halt a Kentucky military middle school.

(KY) The Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle HEADLINE: Border Wall Could Cut Into $132 Million For 2019 Fort Campbell Construction Projects.

(KY) LEX 18 HEADLINE: Border Wall Funding Could Pull From KY Project.

(NC) The Hill: GOP’s Tillis comes under pressure for taking on Trump

(NC) WRAL: “The money for the wall will come at the expense of defense construction needs for the soldiers at Fort Bragg, the Marines at Camp Lejeune and the pilots and crews at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.”

(NC) The Fayetteville Observer: “We sit here in the hometown of Fort Bragg, where nearly $700 million in construction is planned in the next five or six years. And just down the road, at the Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune, similar levels of construction are planned and badly needed. These are essential pieces of infrastructure that our nation needs to maintain the skills and readiness of its foremost military first responders. The president can’t be allowed to seize at least $3.6 billion from military construction accounts.”

(TX) Waco Tribune-Herald Editorial HEADLINE: National Emergency On The Border? How About Plain Politics?


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