DSCC Statement on GOP’s “Stunning Escalation” to End Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage, All Health Care Protections

In response to Republicans’ court filing last night to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act — a “stunning escalation” that would end pre-existing conditions coverage and erase popular health care protections like maternity care and allowing children to remain on their parent’s insurance plans until age 26 — DSCC communications director Lauren Passalacqua issued the following statement:

“Republicans lost in 2018 because of their toxic health care agenda, but the GOP is still using every tool they can to end coverage for pre-existing conditions and make health care more expensive. Voters detest the GOP’s never-ending efforts to jeopardize their health care, they don’t believe the lies Republicans tell about their records when they get caught, and they’ll hold every GOP Senate candidate accountable in 2020.”



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