DSCC Statement On Republican Brinksmanship

The DSCC released the following statement from Communications Director Justin Barasky after Senate Republicans took the possibility of a government shutdown down to the wire:

“Today, the GOP led Senate barely avoided a disastrous government shutdown due to their obsession with partisan attacks on women’s health. Just as they did when Republicans nearly shut down the Department of Homeland Security earlier this year, the GOP majority has made it abundantly clear that they have no interest in governing responsibly. In 2016 voters will remember that Republicans have consistently placed partisanship and loyalty to special interests above what’s best for their states.”

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DSCC Statement: Senate Republicans Responsible for Longest Shutdown in History

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#TrumpShutdown is deeply hurting the economy -- and it’s only getting worse.

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Instead of doing what’s right for working Americans, McConnell is catering to Trump’s temper tantrum. Next year, we'll hold him...

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