DSCC Statement On Republicans’ Revived Healthcare Plan

In response to multiple reports that the Republican Congress will continue pushing a health care plan that threatens to raise the cost of insurance for Americans, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement:

“Republicans are once again meeting in secret to draft a health care plan that threatens to make insurance more expensive for Americans and undermine coverage for pre-existing conditions. This after already trying to force older Americans to pay five times more for care, to strip insurance away from millions and cause the middle class to pay more for less – all to give taxpayer funded handouts to big health insurance companies. Republican Senate candidates already own the disastrous plan and will now be on the hook for the latest dangerous provisions their colleagues cook up. We look forward to joining voters in every state from Nevada to Florida in holding Republicans accountable for their ongoing attack on American’s healthcare.”

As Inside Elections editor Nathan Gonzales recently stated Republicans are “in a box” following their healthcare fiasco – risking both depressing their base and alienating independent voters. The DSCC launched its first TV and digital advertising campaign of the 2018 cycle highlighting how the Republican Healthcare Plan hurts working families, and previously released a memo detailing the campaign implications for the Republican’s healthcare proposal and highlighting how every Republican Senate candidate will be weighed down by their Party’s reckless plan.


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