DSCC Statement On Scott’s Longtime Political Crony Heading His Slush Fund (And Scott’s Day Today)

In response to news that Governor Scott’s longtime political crony will head his political slush fund, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:

“Here’s a quick recap of Rick Scott’s day: he held an economic event after his self-serving agenda took the state to the bottom of the nation in wages and income, then pushed for passage of the GOP’s toxic healthcare plan that would spike costs and strip coverage for the middle class in order to give himself a tax break, and in the evening he tapped his long time and unqualified political crony to head his political slush fund that funnels tax dollars to his campaign contributors at the expense of public schools. Unfortunately, that kind of schedule is pretty typical for him, and it’s exactly the kind of self-serving politics Floridians hate about Tallahassee politicians.” 


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