DSCC Statement on Senate’s 2nd Healthcare Failure

In response to the second failure of the Republican healthcare bill, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:  

“Republicans won’t stop until they force Americans to pay more for less care, which is what every iteration of their devastating health platform would do. That’s the platform potential GOP Senate candidates are already on the record supporting, and that’s what voters will hold them accountable for in 2018. Two of the most vulnerable incumbents stand out tonight for what they failed to do and that’s stand up for their constituents. GOP leadership thought they could buy off Senator Heller’s support, while Senator Flake embraced an amendment that groups like the AARP and the American Medical Association said would leave patients with preexisting conditions without coverage and dramatically increase their costs. When it mattered, Republicans put their own political interests and the agenda of the big insurance companies first, while working families were forced to pay the price.”


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