DSCC Targets Heller Town Hall With Facebook Ads Highlighting Disparaging Comments Towards NV Voters, 100 Percent Record With Trump

Ads will also ensure Nevadans can stay engaged in future efforts opposing Sen. Heller

As Senator Dean Heller finally holds a town hall during the congressional recess, today the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is launching targeted Facebook advertising highlighting Senator Heller’s record of voting 100 percent of the time to advance President Trump’s agenda and his recent disparaging comments about town halls and Nevada voters.

The Nevada Independent recently revealed audio of Senator Heller stating the Trump administration “is pretty incredible;” that “he’s doing a town hall because ‘it’s one of those boxes you gotta check;’” and that he’s holding the event with Republican Congressman Amodei “because he’ll do all the talking.” Analysis by highlighted that Sen. Heller voted to advance President Trump’s agenda 100 percent of the time — leading the site to label him a “Trump MVP.”  

The ads will reach Nevadans on Facebook within a geographic proximity of the town hall before, during and after the event and will direct individuals to a website where they can sign up to receive updates and information about the 2018 campaign — helping ensure energized Nevadans can stay engaged with future efforts opposing Senator Heller. The ads are part of an ongoing six figure digital buy and are available below.

“Senator Heller is doing nothing in Washington except pushing Trump’s agenda 100 percent of the time, ducking his constituents and offending Nevadans — while working families are paying the price,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “Whether Senator Heller is casting the deciding vote to slash funding for Planned Parenthood, selling out Nevadans’ internet privacy to his rich friends or hiding behind closed doors to praise the toxic GOP healthcare plan that raises costs and cuts coverage for the middle class, he’s proven time and again how wildly out of touch he is with the values Nevadans care about. These ads will shine a spotlight on Senator Heller’s reckless, self-interested record and help ensure Nevadans have the information they need to continue holding him accountable throughout the campaign.”

Examples of the ads are below:


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