Gardner Hosts “Campaign Kickoff” D.C. Lunch With McConnell, Misses Foreign Relations Committee Hearing

Today Senator Gardner hosted his self-described “campaign kick-off” — a D.C. lunch fundraiser with Senator McConnell — while apparently failing to attend his Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. In response, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:

“Senator Gardner missed work to launch his campaign alongside the people he really cares about: his wealthy, well-connected D.C. backers and Senator McConnell. He voted 99 percent of time with President Trump, tries to gut coverage for pre-existing conditions and cares more about his own self-serving politics than doing his job — that’s why Coloradans will kick him out of office in 2020.”

Yesterday Coloradans also marked the occasion with their own “campaign kickout” party for Senator Gardner outside his office in Denver.



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