GOP’s Latest Health Care Bill Guts Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

Republicans like Congressman Cramer and Tom Campbell promised to protect these vital services, but the GOP’s plan will make women, individuals with cancer, asthma, or other illnesses pay more 

The latest version of the Republican’s toxic health care agenda will gut protections for pre-existing conditions, bringing back an era when North Dakota’s women or individuals with cancer, asthma, and other illnesses paid more for their insurance — breaking the promise of Republicans like Cramer and Campbell to protect these vital services.

From The Washington Post:

“There’s another way Graham-Cassidy goes further than previous Obamacare rollback measures: It would allow states to opt out of the law’s ‘essential health benefits,’ the baseline services that insurers must cover. That means there will no longer be a rock-solid prohibition on charging higher premiums to people with preexisting medical conditions, although states would need federal waivers.”

Republicans’ latest health care proposal will gut coverage for pre-existing conditions — breaking the GOP’s promise to protect these vital services and spiking costs for hardworking families,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “If Republicans like Congressman Cramer and Tom Campbell have their way, North Dakota’s working families could lose coverage for everything from cancer treatment to pregnancy services, and in 2018 voters will hold them accountable for their toxic and expensive agenda.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation also found this latest bill would allow insurers to charge older Americans up to 5 times more, and the Center For Budget and Policy Priorities found that the plan would dramatically cut North Dakota’s Medicaid. Previously, Cramer and Campbell backed the Republican health care agenda that also increased premiums by 20 percent and imposed an age tax on older Americans. 


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GOP’s Latest Health Care Bill Guts Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

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