What to Know About Congressman Barletta & The PA GOP Primary

AP: Pennsylvania Republicans face “crowded” primary field

Republicans: “Beating a Casey in Pennsylvania is not an easy thing to do.” 

After the Republicans’ first choice candidate refused to run, today Congressman Barletta is announcing his Pennsylvania Senate campaign — becoming at least the 9th candidate in a divisive and potentially expensive GOP primary.

From David Bergstein, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman: “Only an out-of-touch politician like Congressman Lou Barletta would roll out his campaign for higher office fresh off voting to increase out-of-pocket health care costs and end protections for those with preexisting conditions. On top of his votes to end Medicare as we know it and privatize Social Security, he will have to explain why he voted a bill that forces older Americans to pay an age tax for health care and strips protections for Pennsylvanians with cancer, asthma, or diabetes. At every turn Congressman Barletta is looking out for himself and the wealthy-special interests he serves, while Pennsylvania’s seniors and working families pay the price.”


  • Barletta isn’t the GOP’s first choice candidate and is entering a “crowded field.” “Top potential Senate candidates are turning down the opportunity to challenge vulnerable Senate Democrats…In Pennsylvania, four-term Rep. Patrick Meehan (R) was considering, then declined, to challenge Sen. Bob Casey. Meehan would have been a bigger name than the two state lawmakers and one borough councilman who have jumped in so far to try to challenge Casey.” [Washington Post, 4/13/17; Associated Press, 4/24/17]
  • AP: Barletta “Urged By Trump” to run. [Associated Press, 5/3/17]
  • Barletta refused to hold town hall meetings because “he doesn’t find them productive,” and he was afraid of being confronted by voters.  “Barletta said town halls are no longer a place to share your stances and discuss legislation in a constructive setting. They’ve become a forum for people who want to yell and shout.” [Pennlive, 4/13/17]
  • After a meeting with Trump, Barletta voted for the Republican Healthcare Plan that spikes costs, strips coverage for pre-existing conditions and imposes an age tax on older Americans. [The Hill, 3/22/17]
    • The Sentinel fact-checked Barletta’s multiple misleading statements about the Affordable Care Act and the House Republican health care plan [The Sentinel, 5/15/17]
  • Barletta has repeatedly supported policies that would harm older Americans, including: supporting the Ryan budget which would end Medicare as we know it and and supported privatizing Social Security. [Times Tribune, 4/7/11; Allentown Morning Call, 11/3/02]


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