What to Know About Kick-Back Congressman Kevin Cramer & the North Dakota Senate Race

Politico: Cramer has a “history of paying his family out of his campaign account.”

From Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman David Bergstein: “Washington Republicans are in for a rude awakening now that they’ve tipped the scales for a Congressman who has shown time and again he’ll do what’s best for his own interests, whether it’s using campaign money to pay himself and his family hundreds of thousands of dollars or working to make health care more expensive. Voters will see right through Congressman Cramer and hold him accountable for a self-serving record that has hurt North Dakotans.”


  • Cramer has a “history of paying his family out of his campaign account.” “Cramer [has a] history of paying his family out of his campaign account… [and] has paid his family members more than $150,000 and received more than $200,000 in reimbursements from his campaign account, a practice ethics watchdogs have questioned in the past. [Politico, 1/3/18]
    • Cramer’s family was paid more than $150,000 from campaign funds, and received more than $200,000 in reimbursements. [Politico, 1/3/18]
    • Ethics watchdogs have “questioned” the practice. [Politico, 1/3/18]
  • HEADLINE: Rep. Kevin Cramer’s campaign fund use comes into question. [KFYR, 1/9/18]
  • HEADLINE: Report Raises Questions About Congressman Cramer’s Pay Practices. [NDxPlains, 1/8/18]
  • Cramer voted for the Republican tax scam that raises taxes on the middle class to benefit the wealthy and large corporations, and increases health care costs. [New York Times, 12/20/17]
    • Dickinson Press: “The tax reform we’re getting is not what we were promised.” “Tax reform was supposed to benefit hardworking families and the middle class. Instead, the bills… will end up being a tax increase on thousands of North Dakotans. The tax reform we’re getting is not what we were promised. It will benefit millionaires and permanently cut taxes for large corporations, even while many corporate CEO’s have acknowledged the new tax benefits will go to wealthy shareholders rather than boosting wages or creating more good-paying jobs.” [12/18/17]
  • Cramer supported the Senate GOP’s toxic health care plan that would have slashed funding for Medicaid in North Dakota by $677 million, gutted protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, and hurt states “hardest hit by the opioid epidemic.” [Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 9/26/17; Washington Post, 9/19/17; Kaiser Family Foundation, 9/19/17]
  • VIDEO: Cramer praised and voted for the Republican Healthcare Plan that spikes costs, strips coverage for pre-existing conditions and imposes an age tax on older Americans, saying “I knew what kind of impact it would have.” [Point of View, 3/14/17]
  • VIDEO: Cramer said people with pre-existing conditions are trying to “game” and “abuse” the system. [Point of View, 5/2/17]
  • Cramer has faced hostile crowds and a backlash from North Dakotans. [KFYR, 5/11/17]
  • Politico: “A Series Of Gaffes” “Convinced The GOP” To Look For Non-Cramer Candidates. “The decision ends month of waffling by Cramer. At the beginning of 2017, the GOP viewed Cramer as a top-flight candidate. But a series of gaffes in the spring and summer — including calling Democratic female lawmakers who wore white to a joint session of Congress ‘poorly dressed’ — convinced the GOP to look elsewhere. But after a number of candidates, including state Treasurer Kelly Schmidt and businesswoman Tammy Miller, decided against running, the GOP resumed its pursuit of the third-term congressman.” [Politico,1/11/18]
  • GOP campaign veteran: Cramer has “Akin-like tendencies.” [CNN, 4/15/17]
    • Cramer defended Sean Spicer’s comments that Hitler did not use chemical weapons in World War II. [The Hill, 4/12/17]
    • Cramer said female members of Congress who wore white at President Trump’s joint address “have a disease.” [Politico, 3/1/17]
    • Cramer threatened a domestic abuse survivor. [LastRealIndians]
    • Cramer explained away sexual assault allegations against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. [POV With Chris Berg, 12/6/17]
  • National Journal: “If he runs, Cramer would face… a popular, well-funded Democratic incumbent in Heidi Heitkamp.” [National Journal, 10/23/17]


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