Local Media on McSally’s AZSen Campaign Roll Out: “Awkward,” “Awfully Long, Dragged-Out Job”

Congresswoman Martha McSally yesterday inadvertently let out her “secret” that she was running for the U.S. Senate, and it’s already getting panned by Arizona media. Described as “awkward” and an “awfully long, dragged-out job,” McSally has shown her true self with this botched roll out – a candidate who will put Washington insiders ahead of Arizonans at every opportunity.

Arizona Daily Star’s Tim StellerMCSALLY’S AWKWARD POSITION

If Rep. McSally is going to run for Senate, she’s making an awfully long, dragged-out job of it. Her colleague, Rep. David Schweikert, made everyone believe she had decided when he told Bob Christie of the Associated Press that she had told her Arizona GOP colleagues she would run.

But so far, no announcement. Then Thursday, Neil Cavuto of Fox Business introduced her by saying, “She is running, by the way, to replace Sen. Jeff Flake who is retiring.” McSally quickly corrected him: “That’s not announced, yet, so I just want to clarify that.”’

Tweet by Arizona Daily Star’s Joe Ferguson: “Well, this is #awkward. @RepMcSally corrects @TeamCavato that she isn’t officially in the #AZSen race yet. Her entry “is not announced yet.” House GOP colleagues have gone in the record telling reporters that McSally has told them that she is running.”

Tweet by Arizona Republic’s Ron Hansen[email protected] tells @TeamCavuto her #AZSen run “is not announced yet.” She has told her #GOP colleagues she is running  #AZ02”


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