McConnell Demonstrates Senate GOP’s Continued Cowardice in Face of Trump’s Racism

Yesterday Mitch McConnell exposed yet again how subservient his party and his Republican Senate candidates have become to their standard bearer Donald Trump. On Meet the Press, McConnell refused three times to say that Trump’s attacks on an American judge of Mexican descent were racist. McConnell’s cowardice became even more striking when Trump broadened his attacks to include Muslim-American judges.


Despite their feeble disagreements with Trump, McConnell, Kelly AyotteRob Portman and every other Republican still plans to support Trump for president.


“It’s been proved once again that Trump’s brazen racism knows no bounds. Yet just like his field of Republican Senators and candidates has been doing for months, Mitch McConnell refused to call out his party’s standard bearer for his hateful, divisive rhetoric.  Simply disagreeing with Trump is not enough when you won’t stand up to him and still openly support him for President.  Voters will hold Republican Senate candidates accountable for their spineless behavior come November.” –DSCC spokesperson Sam Lau.

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