New Report: Scott Awards Emergency Debris Contract To Firm Charging Exorbitant Rates

In response to a new story from CBS Miami revealing that Rick Scott’s administration awarded a major emergency contract for hurricane debris removal that “dramatically raises the cost of cleaning up the Florida Keys” — breaking his promise “to stand on the side of taxpayers and consumers, not on the side of somebody who wants to make extra money after a disaster” — Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:

“This report is the latest demonstration of how Scott’s self-serving politics are hurting Floridians, and how the scandals surrounding his response to this terrible disaster are continuing to escalate. His secret contract is costing taxpayers as much as 10 times more than they should be paying, breaking his promise to hold these costs down. At every turn, Scott is proving why Floridians cannot trust him to look out for anyone but himself.”


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