QUICK CLIP: McSally Strikes Out On Health Care…Again

It’s been more than six months since unelected Senator Martha McSally’s toxic record on health care made her the first Arizona Republican to lose a Senate race in nearly three decades but she still doesn’t have a good answer on the issue.

When asked if her position on health care had changed after a recent interview when she “did not give a straight-forward answer” if she would repeal the health care law, McSally said any suggestion she’d evolved on health care was “fake news.” She then avoided telling Arizonans whether she opposes the GOP’s lawsuit to dismantle the current health care system and benefits, including guaranteed coverage for maternitycare and allowing kids to remain on their parents insurance until age 26.


McSally — who infamously said before voting for repeal, “let’s get this f*cking thing done” — is bracing for another “debate over health care [that] will dominate the 2020 election,” and her sloppy handling of the issue has made her a leading example of how “Republicans remain on the defensive.”


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On voters' top issue, "Republicans remain on the defensive" [HuffPost]

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