As Recess Continues DSCC Launches Google Ads Highlighting Barletta & Kelly’s Support For Toxic GOP Healthcare Plan

Ads will reach voters who are attempting to connect with Barletta and Kelly about healthcare during congressional recess

As the two-week congressional recess continues, today the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is launching Google search advertisements highlighting Congressmen Barletta and Kelly’s support for the toxic GOP healthcare Plan — as well as the latest information about their Plan to jeopardize coverage for pre-existing conditions and essential services like ambulances and maternity care.

The ads will reach Pennsylvania voters across the state who are attempting to connect with Congressmen Barletta and Kelly during the two-week congressional recess or searching for information about their records on the issue of healthcare. The ads then direct individuals to a Pennsylvania specific page on the DSCC’s newly expanded digital healthcare hub — which now features video and citations of Congressmen Barletta and Kelly praising the Republican Healthcare Plan as well as resources for voters to learn and share how the GOP’s Plan would hurt middle class families in their state. The ads are part of a six-figure digital buy.

Examples of the ads are below:

 barletta google

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.50.37 AM 

“As they return home amidst their healthcare fiasco and broken promises, Congressmen Barletta and Kelly can’t escape their support for a toxic Plan that makes older Pennsylvanians pay five times more for care, strips coverage from millions and raises costs for middle class families — all to give another tax break to big insurance companies,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “The GOP’s Plan jeopardizes coverage for pre-existing conditions and makes working people pay more for less — and when Congressmen Barletta and Kelly face the voters there will be nowhere they can hide from their support for this reckless agenda. If either of these potential Senate candidates decide they actually want to run for anything besides dog-catcher after their humiliating healthcare defeat they’ll see these clips again.”  

The Washington Post recently highlighted how “the Republicans’ legislative struggles on healthcare will be front and center” during their two week break:  

“Somewhat oddly, floating the potential for a deal right before a two-week break only ensures Republicans’ legislative struggles on health care will be front and center for both conservative voters who want Obamacare gone and moderate voters who were wary of any deal in the first place…A Quinnipiac University poll found that just 17 percent of Americans approved of the bill.”

And as Inside Elections editor Nathan Gonzales recently stated Republicans are “in a box” following their healthcare fiasco – risking both depressing their base and alienating independent voters. Previously, the DSCC launched its first TV and digital advertising campaign of the 2018 cycle highlighting how the Republican Healthcare Plan hurts working families, and released a memo detailing the campaign implications for the Republican’s healthcare proposal and how every Republican Senate candidate will be weighed down by their Party’s reckless plan.


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