Ron Johnson Continues To Dodge On Outside Spending Pledge

Yesterday, Ron Johnson doubled down on his refusal to give a clear answer regarding Russ Feingold’s proposed “Badger Pledge” to keep shadowy, outside money from dominating Wisconsin’s Senate race.

Considering Johnson’s problematic campaign finance history, it’s not surprising that he’s looking to turn attention away from questions about the role of shadowy, outside money. In 2010, Johnson famously self-funded his campaign – and his company quickly paid him roughly the same amount in “deferred compensation” after the election in a shady reimbursement scheme. For years, Johnson has refused to answer questions about the scheme or provide proof that it was above-board.

“Ron Johnson is terrified to answer questions about the many questions looming over his questionable 2010 reimbursement scheme, and now he’s refusing to give a clear answer on whether he’ll disavow outside spending in 2016,” said Sadie Weiner, DSCC National Press Secretary. “It’s no surprise Johnson is looking to turn the focus elsewhere – but he won’t be able to avoid the tough questions about his problematic campaign finance history forever.”

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