Ron Johnson Purposely Misled On Tomah VA

Office Covered Up Their Inaction That Created A “Congressional Black Hole” Where “The Complaints Died”

A stunning report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has found that Ron Johnson’s office ignored complaints from a VA whistleblower and then purposely misled the public on what action, or more correctly, what inaction, he had taken. Johnson’s office repeatedly claimed that the complaints had been referred to an oversight committee, but in reality, the complaints never reached those in charge of the committee.

For months, Johnson attempted to obscure the fact “that the complaints simply changed hands from one Johnson aide to other members of his staff” which “proved the equivalent of a congressional black hole.” That’s right – Johnson’s office forwarded the complaints to themselves and then patted themselves on the back in the press for their “efficient and responsive” casework.

Yesterday, after Johnson’s lies were exposed he was forced to confirm to the Associated Press “that his staff received a whistleblower’s complaints but didn’t get them to a Senate oversight subcommittee that might have taken action on them.”

“The appalling discovery that Ron Johnson’s office did nothing with VA whistleblower complaints is compounded by the fact that his office purposefully misled the press and the public about what they had done,” said Sadie Weiner, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Ron Johnson has been forced to admit that his office did not do what they said they did, instead letting whistleblower complaints die in what has been called a ‘congressional black hole.’ It’s clear that Wisconsin veterans deserve better than Johnson’s attempts to willfully deceive his constituents.”

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