Scott’s Self-Serving Tour is a Scam

In response to Governor Scott continuing his self-serving promotional tour in Boca Raton, DSCC Spokesperson David Bergstein released the following statement:

“Floridians aren’t fooled by Governor Scott’s self-promotional state tour – his self-serving agenda has taken Florida has fallen to the bottom of the nation in household income and wages. Instead of working to create good paying jobs, Scott is more concerned with pushing his personal political agendafunneling money to his political cronies, and backing the GOP’s toxic health care plan that would spike costs and strip coverage for hardworking families in order to give himself a massive tax break. Today’s event is just another reminder that Scott only ever looks out for himself while Floridians pay the price.”

See for yourself: 

Orlando Sentinel’s Scott Maxwell Headline: “Rick Scott, Staff Are Delusional About Florida’s Low-Paying Jobs” [Orlando Sentinel, Scott Maxwell, 6/21/17]

Florida’s Real Median Hourly Wage Ranked 40th In The Nation. [Governing Magazine, Median Wages By State]

Census Report Showed Florida’s Big Cities Had The Lowest Paying Urban Jobs In America. “Florida’s big cities have the lowest paying urban jobs in America, according to a recently released federal survey. The latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment data, for the year 2015, show the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metropolitan area had the lowest median pay among the country’s 50 largest employment centers, according to an analysis by Miami’s pay rates take the second-lowest spot. Orlando has had the lowest median pay for several years running, and San Antonio, Texas, had been second-lowest for several years. Fort Lauderdale, Tampa-St. Petersburg and Jacksonville also were among the lowest seven in the country in 2015 when it comes to median pay for all surveyed jobs, according to the BLS numbers released this spring. Just San Antonio [third] and Las Vegas [fifth] join the Sunshine State cities in the bottom tier.” [Florida Politics, 7/7/16]

FL Chamber Of Commerce Noted “Stunning” Trend, Only 31 Of FL’s 67 Counties Had More Jobs In 2017 Than Recession. ‘“How many counties in Florida have more jobs now than before the recession? The answer stumps Enterprise Florida. The question from Florida Chamber of Commerce chief economist Jerry Parrish seemed innocent enough for the quarterly board meeting of Enterprise Florida, the state’s business and government partnership: How many counties have more jobs now than before the recession? The audience of executives was stumped on Thursday. Parrish had to ask it twice and then someone volunteered an answer: 50. ’Wrong,’ responded Parrish. The real number of counties that have more jobs today than they had before the Great Recession ‘is stunning,’ he admitted to the group that has pegged its future and fate on job creation in Florida. The number is 31.” [The Miami Herald, 6/1/17]

FL Chamber Of Commerce Showed FL’s Predicted 2017 Job Creation Numbers Less Than 2016 Levels, Every County But Nine Had Seen Job Losses. An interactive map on the Florida Chamber website shows that the 215,400 jobs created to date is lower than last year’s level of 244,000 as every county but nine has seen job losses. The metro areas of South Florida, Orlando and Tampa Bay have been the only bright spots in terms of job growth. ‘It’s a concerning trend,’ Parrish admitted. ‘We may have peaked.’” [The Miami Herald, 6/1/17]


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