Leader Harry Reid announced today that Senator Jon Tester of Montana will serve as Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the 2016 cycle and lead the effort to take back the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.

“Jon Tester knows how to win tough races and will have the trust and loyalty of the entire Democratic caucus behind him in our fight to take back the majority in 2016,” said Leader Reid. “I’m extremely confident in Jon’s ability to lead our effort to elect new Democratic leaders and reelect our incumbents across the country who will stand up for the people of their state and fight for American middle class families.”

“I’m accepting this position to recruit and support candidates who understand the issues facing regular, working Americans,” said Senator Jon Tester. “Our country needs leaders who are willing to roll up their sleeves and responsibly govern to move our nation forward.  We need senators who support policies that strengthen the middle class, continue to grow our economy, and create prosperity for all Americans.  As Chairman, I recognize that every Senate race in this country is different and I understand the need for candidates to have the flexibility to run their own races.”

Senator Tester takes the helm of the DSCC after successfully running two highly competitive Senate races and knows what it will take to win in 2016. In Montana, Senator Tester served as Minority Leader of the State Senate and helped win back six seats and regain the majority for Democrats in the State Senate.  As a farmer, he understands the needs of working families and is committed to recruiting candidates who will always put the interests of working families first.

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