With Shutdown Hours Away, Republican Senate Candidates Waste Time With Continued Attacks on Women’s Health

Republicans Senate candidates in Florida, Indiana and Nevada today cast a shameful vote attacking women’s health care despite the fact that a potential government shutdown is just hours away. Reps. Joe Heck, Marlin Stutzman, Todd Young and Ron DeSantis continued to put partisan political games ahead of responsible governing as they wasted time voting to attack women’s health today in the House instead of working to keep the government open.

“Just hours away from a potential shutdown, Congressmen Heck, Stutzman, Young and DeSantis are wasting their time with extremist anti-women’s health votes,” said Sadie Weiner, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Reps. Heck, Stutzman, Young and DeSantis should be ashamed of themselves for launching partisan attacks on women’s health in an effort to score cheap political points instead of working with Democrats to keep the government open.”

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