#TBT Perdue: “I Spent Most Of My Career” Outsourcing

In a new POLITICO article Senator David Perdue previewed his campaign plan “to lean on his own record as a businessman.” Here’s what he didn’t mention:

POLITICO: Perdue: ‘I spent most of my career’ outsourcing

“During a controversial chapter in his record — a nine-month stint in 2002-03 as CEO of failed North Carolina textile manufacturer Pillowtex Corp. — Perdue said he was hired, at least in part, to cut costs by outsourcing manufacturing operations overseas. Perdue specialized throughout his career in finding low-cost manufacturing facilities and labor, usually in Asia.

“During a July 2005 deposition, a transcript of which was provided to POLITICO, Perdue spoke at length about his role in Pillowtex’s collapse, which led to the loss of more than 7,600 jobs. Perdue was asked about his ‘experience with outsourcing,’ and his response was blunt. ‘Yeah, I spent most of my career doing that,’ Perdue said, according to the 186-page transcript of his sworn testimony.”

Read the full article here.


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