#TBT – Richard Burr Claimed HB2 Isn’t Hurting the North Carolina Economy

Yesterday, North Carolina lost a $250 million business opportunity because of HB2


After shamefully defending North Carolina’s discriminatory law, known as HB2 by saying it “does not discriminate,” Senator Richard Burr has repeated claims that the law is not hurting the North Carolina economy. After first making the claim in April – on the very same day PayPal announced it would cancel its previously-planned expansion into North Carolina, Senator Burr doubled down on these comment as recently as two weeks ago at the North Carolina Senate debate.


At the debate, Burr claimed HB2 isn’t hurting North Carolina’s economy, and Burr was proven shockingly wrong yet again yesterday when a real estate company cancelled its $250 million expansion into the state because of the discriminatory law.


“Just how out of touch is Senator Richard Burr with the North Carolinians he’s been elected to represent? He continues to claim HB2 isn’t hurting North Carolina’s economy, even as it costs the state hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “It’s shameful that Senator Burr continues to defend a discriminatory law that’s hurting hard-working North Carolinians and the state’s economy, and North Carolina needs a Senator who’s looking out for them.

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