What They’re Saying: DSCC’s “Innovative, Digitally Savvy” Ads Slam GOP On Health Care

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s “innovative, digitally savvy” new bumper flock ads are holding Republican Senate candidates accountable in 10 states  for their toxic health care plan that spikes costs and strips coverage for hardworking families. Here’s what they’re saying:

Daily Beast: Dems’ New Health Care Ads Literally Follow You Online.

  • “It’s no secret that Democrats want to turn the 2018 midterms into a referendum on Republican efforts to overhaul the health care system…The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee offered one of the more innovative attempts yet, deploying an advertising strategy that is relatively new to the digital content creators and even newer for political party apparatuses.”
  • “Instead of a traditional thirty-second clip, it optimizes viewer experiences by breaking the advertisement into six-second increments. And instead of being presented all at once on a single website, those six-second increments follow a user as he or she travels around the Internet.”
  • “The GOP-authored bill was projected to swell the ranks of the uninsured in addition to elevating premiums for the elderly and sick. And that is the message that DSCC is hammering home, now in a more innovative, digitally savvy way.”

Politico: WEB WARS — DSCC releases “bumper flock” video ads“The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is out with a series of six-second digital ads that will follow users across the internet to tell a full story, in this case about the dangers of Obamacare repeal. Here, here and here are versions of the ad targeting Nevada Sen. Dean Heller.”

Politics PA: DSCC Launches Digital Ads Against Barletta, Bartos & Saccone“The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is launching new digital ads against Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne), Jeff Bartos, and state Representative Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) using Google’s new bumper ads. The ads target the Republicans on the GOP’s healthcare plan.”

Florida Politics: Nat’l Democrats serve up trio of ads attacking Rick Scott. “The committee backing Senate Democrats released a series of attack ads Tuesday against Gov. Rick Scott…The three six-second-long anti-Scott bumpers, which DSCC said are the first of its kind this cycle, depict a son texting his mother about health insurance from an emergency room. The teen asks his mother what type of health insurance the family has, and she responds with ‘I’m sorry honey, we don’t’.” DSCC targets Gibbons, too. “Mandel is the favorite to win next year’s Republican Senate primary, but the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is going after Gibbons as well. The DSCC on Tuesday launched a new digital-ad campaign targeting both Gibbons and Mandel, claiming the Republicans would ‘spike’ health-care costs.”


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