What They’re Watching: Scott’s Nursing Home Scandal Dominates TV Coverage

An Associated Press report revealing new details about Rick Scott’s nursing home scandal dominated TV news coverage across Florida’s media markets. The report and TV segments highlight how Scott created a dangerous “bottleneck” by giving out his cell number — a move called “grandstanding to boost his likely Senate campaign.” Here’s what Floridians are watching:

Miami: “New details on Governor Rick Scott offering his cell phone number to nursing homes in need of help after Hurricane Irma. It looks like that offer may have delayed help in some cases.”

Tampa: “The Governor’s Office did not help.”

Fort Myers: “Irma phone calls went to voicemail.”

Palm Beach: “In the wake of Hurricane Irma, an Associated Press report shows Governor Rick Scott may have delayed aid to nursing homes.”

Gainesville: “Governor Rick Scott may have slowed the process of getting help to nursing homes during Hurricane Irma.”


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